David Kusel's paternal Grandparents are August Kusel & Ida (Grau) Kusel.

Grau Side

Thanks to Dennis Barten and his research for tracing back 3 more Grau generations.
-4 Adam Grau, -3 Michael Grau & -2 Detlev Grau

-4 Adam Grau
Trien ?

-3 Michael Andreas Grau
Catharine Koops

-2 Detlev Grau 1764 to July 27, 1837 Hummfeld, Germany
Weibke Glöye 1764 to January 1813

- 1 Detlev Grau June 17, 1795 to April 12, 1867
Elsabe Blunck November 6, 1792 to January 10, 1843
both born and died in Bramstedt, Germany

1 Detlef Jacob Grau July 27, 1833 in Bramstedt, Germany September 1, 1923
Sophia Sachleben September 20, 1832 Grossenaspe, Germany November 27, 1903

2 August Grau May 17, 1863 in Grossenaspe, Germany September 25, 1922
Maria Hansen January 14, 1863 in Sehestedt, Germany October 27, 1934

3 Ida Grau Feb 19, 1891 to November 8, 1980

4 Amos Kusel March 27, 1920 to September 1, 1970

5 David Kusel August 1, 1956

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Welcome Grau descendants

Based on Church records in Bad Bramstedt, Germany we now know that Maria, Detlef Jr., Gottlieb, Johann & Jochim are the children of Detlef Grau & Elsabe Blunck.

Detlef Jacob Grau Jr. and Sophia Margarethe Sachleben

Sophia Sachleben Grau

The photo above was scanned from a "tin" photo that Tom Grau (son of Emil) has.
Tom is the great grandson of Sophia.


August Grau children:

Emil Grau

Johnnie Grau

Sophia Grau

Ida Grau

Clara Grau

Herman Grau

Laura Grau

David Kusel


Albert Grau mortgage

Detlef Grau 90th

Heesch/Grau connection

August & Mary Grau

Grau Brothers

Claus & August Grau group picture

Grover Herman Grau