Ehrichs side
1 Jacob Erichs born Taarstedt, Schleswig-Flensburg
Anna Petersen born Taarstedt, Schleswig-Flensburg

2 Peter Erichs born 1733 Taarstedt, Schleswig-Flensburg died October 18, 1809 Wohlde
Hedwig Sierts born 1731 Ramsdorf, Rendsburg-Eckernförde died February 6, 1810 Wohlde

3 Jacob Erichs born 1768 Wohlde died December 23, 1815 Wohlde
Catharina Lafrenz born 1776 Wohlde died October 28, 1803

4 Peter Ehrichs born August 3, 1806 in Wohlde April 25, 1895 buried at Hayes Township Cemetery Crawford County
First wife Anna Margaretha Lass (mother of the children in generation 5 listed below: Johann, Anna, Catharine, Peter)
Married Peter about 1839.
Anna Margaretha born in March 17, 1808 died August 10, 1865 in Norderstapel.

Second wife of Peter Ehrichs: Anna Catharina Juergens October 10, 1820 in Delve to June 15, 1884
Anna's first husband Peter Juergens was born in 1820 in Delve. He died in USA.
Their daughter: Anna Juergens born on February 24, 1855 in Delve, Holstein, Germany. She died in February 1923

5 Johann (John) Ehrichs born in Norderstapel, Germany March 6, 1846 to March 11, 1934 came to US about 1866 with parents.
Anna Juergens (Jurgensen according to obituary): born February 24, 1855 in Delve, came to US in 1869 - died February 1923
Married January 26, 1872 Clinton, Co. Iowa
Anna Juergens and Anna Jurgensen are one in the same person.
This means step-siblings Johann Ehrichs & Anna Juergens/en married each other so name changes/variations were used to conceal the truth.

6 Louie Ehrichs

7 Dorothy Ehrichs

8 David Kusel

5 John Ehrichs' siblings - also born in Norderstapel

5 Anna Catherina Ehrichs married to Hans Eggers

5 Catharine "Trinka" Ehrichs born in 1841 in Norderstapel married to August Hansen married January 26, 1872

5 Peter Ehrichs born in April 23, 1844 died April 30, 1847 in Norderstapel

The Ehrichs family sailed aboard the ship Hammonia from Hamburg to New York March 16, 1867.
The ship lists the passenger names as Peter Erichs, John Erichs, and Trinke Erichs.
Catherina Ehrichs, and her husband, Hans Eggers, had already arrived in Iowa first.

Erfde, Germany web page reference:

A huge thanks to Bryce Christensen (Ehrichs descendant) for researching the Ehrichs, Lass, Juergens, & LaFrenz histories.
He was able to put all of the confusing pieces of the Ehrichs ancestral puzzle together by connecting the other names listed just above.

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Click to see a detailed pictorial history of the Ehrichs and connected families.
Ehrichs photos

Whole family of John & Anna (Juergens) Ehrichs

Back: August, Herman, John, Henry, Alfred, Chris, Ben
Middle: Margaret, John Sr., Frank, Anna, Catherina "Tena"
Front: Louie, Annie, Emil (not shown: Peter who died in infancy)

Younger bunch

Fourth: Ben, Alfred, August
Third: Mother Anna & Father John
Second: Anna, Frank, Tena, Margaret
Front: Emil & Louie

Older bunch

Back: John, Henry, Chris
Front: Alfred, Herman


John & Anna (Juergens) Ehrichs

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