My Maternal Grandparents are Louie Ehrichs & Clara (Eickelkamp) Ehrichs

Eickelkamp Side

Clara Maye Eickelkamp

1 Count Hoffer von Roden
1 Rebecca ? von Roden

2 Marie Sophia von Roden Gladebeck, Germany
2 George Julius Behrens Gladebeck, Germany
Note: the town Gladbeck today is located in northern part of Rhine-Westphalia, Germany - but was spelled Gladebeck in the obituary of their daughter but is assumed they are one in the same town.

3 Emilie Anna Friederica Caroline Behrens Jan 21, 1862 came to US in 1867
3 Deitrich Richard Eickelkamp Holstein Germany July 23, 1862

4 Clara Mae Eickelkamp

5 Dorothy Clara Mae Ehrichs

6 David August Kusel

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