Children of Ida (Kusel) & Henry Grube

Note: My priority is to get pictures of Ida & Henry's children
and also official documentation.

Preferably wedding pictures or family pictures & birth/death certificates!

Any other pictures you choose to send is fine. The only pictures you send me that I (may) add to this web site will be of Wilhelm's children so you don't have to worry about any pictures you send me of the younger generations being displayed on the Internet.

Any pictures of living/younger generations that would be shown will be by specific request from me and approved by you.

If you can have a neighbor or business scan your pictures into a computer please have them scan the pictures at 300 dpi & at least 12 inches at the widest point (whether it's vertical or horizontal) and save them in JPG format.

If you have duplicates made please send them but if you only have one picture and can't get it duplicated please don't send the original by mail. We don't want to take the chance that it may get lost.

Maggie (Boyson) Grube family information and pictures requested

John Maggie


Ida Grelck - tree incomplete

Henry Grelck - tree incomplete


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