From the 2009 Manning Schools history book

Page 123

Top: Evelyn Grundmeier - teacher, Jerry Hargens, Annette Ehlers, Arden Hargens, Eleanor Ehlers, Allen Ehlers, Joyce Handlos
Third: Larry Ehlers, Kay Hass, Kathryn Hass, Lowell Stammer
Second: Lila Hargens, Keith Hass, Darlene A. Kruse, Lyle Ahrenholtz, Jeanette Fabian, Kenneth Hass, Elaine Ehlers
Bottom: Gene Ehlers, Elaine Ahrenholtz, Hazel Jurgensen, Kenneth Ahrenholtz, Donna Rae Wegner, Alice Jurgensen, Harold Jurgensen

1 Allen Ehlers, 2 Joyce Handlos, 3 Jerry Hargens, 4 Harold Jurgensen, 5 Annette Ehlers, 6 Donna Wegner, 7 Eleanor Ehlers, 8 Lila Hargens, 9 Larry Ehlers, 10 Gene Ehlers, 11 Lyle Ahrenholtz, 12 Lowell Stammer, 13 Arden Hargens, 14 Kenneth Ahrenholtz, 15 partially hidden, 16 Hazel Jurgensen, 17 Elaine Ehlers

Back: Lila Hargens, Elaine Ehlers, Lyle Ahrenholtz, Arden Hargens, Hazel Jurgensen, Annette Ehlers, Allen Ehlers
Front: Jerry Hargens, Gene Ehlers, Harold Jurgensen, Joyce Handlos, Eleanor Ehlers, Kenneth Ahrenholtz, Donna Wegner

June 3, 1954 School Picnic At Iowa No. 8 Ends Year's Work (By Ruby Jahn)
School Picnic - The annual community picnic of the Iowa No. 8 district was held at the schoolhouse Sunday noon, May 23. Present were the teacher, Florence Outhouse and her husband, Leslie; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ehlers, Annette, Allan, and Charles; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ehlers, Eleanor, Elaine, Gene and Larry; Emil Ehlers, Mr. and Mrs. Louie Hargens, Jerry, Lila, Arden, Marion and Marlene; Darlene Kruse, Eleanor Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Fabian, Marlene and Janet; Mrs. George Wegner, Janice, Cathy and Donna; Mrs. Pete Jurgensen, Hazel, Gerald and Harold; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Handlos, Joyce and Janet, and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Stammer, Lowell and Lola.