December 23, 1937 Monitor Ad

August 24, 1939 Monitor Ad

September 6, 1945 Monitor Ad

"Bake" making bread

Brick oven in the background.
Roland's dog "Cappy" posing - definitely would not meet health codes today : -)))))

"Bake" 1970

Bake with Roland's son, Curtis, 1967

"Pat" 1962

Inside view of bakery - original damged picture

Freeland on left - restored image over several days

Descriptions by Roland

Pat making fresh donuts 1964

Patty in front of Valentine Bakery
After school and ready to work in the bakery.
Photo by her mother Lucille.

Pat with her TV in the bakery 1970

Pat with the bread slicer

Hannes Bunz Oliver 88 in the Industrial Day Parade - Bake Valentine standing on something in front of his store.


Freeland with Cappy in alleyway - Ford Garage on the right

1966 Pat's "paint by number" display in the bakery

Last label made March 16, 1970, before heading to Arizona to retire

Karen Reinke - part-time help 1962

Christmas 1966