Some background on these pictures:
In 2012, Logeland Studio out of Harlan, closed its doors.
For about a month the owner was available so anyone who had negatives/pictures taken there and in storage to come in and purchase them.
When I found out about this, I approached the owner and she agreed to give me a good deal on purchasing the Manning part of this collection.
Sadly, tens of thousands of photos/negatives from other communities were thrown in the dumpster.
Afterword, it hit me that some of the other pictures wouldn't be under the "Manning" section but other towns where the person lived but had married a Manning person or had some other Manning sadly, some of the Manning pix were tossed too.

Logeland Studio transferred the copyrights to me so I could then in turn sell the wedding pictures if someone was interested.
I'm not really selling them but asking for a donation that will be used to publish the Manning Veterans' history book.

Veterans history book project

Robert and Constance Snyder wedding

Bob with his parents

On the right side I think that is Gary Williams in back, then Ron Frahm and in front of Ron is Lois Stribe