When I started working on my own family genealogy in the mid-1970s, I soon found out that since my Ehrichs/Kusel ancestors arrived in this area in 1873/74, so I had lots of distant relative connections, so I started working on Manning Family collections and noticed that they had pictures of my relatives, so from then on I no longer concentrated on my own family history.
Now in 2023, while working on some of these tributes, who are also relatives of mine I'm discovering that I have been ignoring my own ancestry too much.
While searching for pictures in the August Kusel branch, I'm running into the horribly low resolution scans people sent me over the years.
I hope someday I might be able to get the relatives in Oregon & California to send me their original old pix to scan.

August Kusel farm in Oregon

John & Matie Kusel - August Kusel tree

Lou & Herman Kusel - August Kusel tree

Vernon & Marie Kusel wedding

Leonard & Roberta Stuhr - Mary Kusel's son - August Kusel tree

Chris & Dora Stuhr & daughter Violet - August Kusel tree

Ellenene (Kusel) Lengele - August Kusel tree
This is sadly the scans people made in the 1990s when they didn't undestand resolution and the computer monitor was 680x480 so they looked larger then - but very small on the high resolution flat screens now.
There are more of these low resolution scans made by people down below.

Ellenene (Kusel) Lengele I'm assuming the mother is Ellen

Ellen (Kusel) Lengele - August Kusel tree

Ellen Lengele - taken during the 1998 trip to Oregon

Nellie Kusel on right with her mother, Mary Concannon on left
Back: Delma (Jensen) Chase, Della (Kusel) Jensen

Nellie Kusel with some of her family

Howard Kusel family - Lou Kusel tree

Howard's wife, Theresa Jean

Howard Kusel WWII

1998 trip that Dave Kusel and his mother, Dorothy, took out west to track down Kusel relatives

Marion Larry Kusel's family - Lou Kusel tree

Laura Thompson family - Larry's step-daughter

Howard Kusel's wife - Theresa

Sharon Millard's family - Larry Kusel's daughter

Sharon Millard's family - Larry Kusel's daughter

Rose Mary Davis family - Larry Kusel's sister.

Bernice (Kusel) Hulse - Lou Kusel tree

Mary Hulse - Bernice (Kusel) Hulse daughter

July 15, 2001 Kusel reunion at Lion's Park in Altoona, Iowa - attended by Dave Kusel and his mother, Dorothy

Back: Rhonda (Kusel) Grimit, Doyle Donovan, Becky (Kusel) Tiffany, Gordon Kusel holding grandaughter, Carole Haug
Front: Ellenene (Kusel) Witt, Marion Kusel, Elaine (Kusel) Cain, Jaqueline (Kusel) Donovan, LaVerl (Jensen) Reynolds

LaVerl (Jensen) Reynolds & Carole (Reynolds) Haug are from the Della (Kusel) Jensen tree.
Della had Delma & LaVerl.

The remaining people are from the John Kusel tree.
John had infant Ellenene, Nellie, Annie, Ellenene, Elaine, Marion, Garland, and Jaqueline
Rhonda Grimit is daughter of Marion Kusel
Doyle Donovan is son of Jaqueline Donovan
Becky Tiffany & Gordon Kusel are children of the late Garland Kusel

Gordon Kusel with granddaughter - Gordon (October 27, 1956 - February 19, 2021) son of Garland & Ellen Kusel

Gordon's family

Gordon Kusel

Elaine (Kusel) Cain, Jacqueline (Kusel) Donovan

Doyle Donovan

Becky Tiffany, Carole Haug

Jacqueline (Kusel) Donovan, LaVerl (Kusel) Reynolds - LaVerl is in the Della Kusel tree

Dorothy (Ehrichs) Kusel on left - Dave's mother