When I started working on my own family genealogy in the mid-1970s, I soon found out that since my Ehrichs/Kusel ancestors arrived in this area in 1873/74, so I had lots of distant relative connections, so I started working on Manning Family collections and noticed that they had pictures of my relatives, so from then on I no longer concentrated on my own family history.
Now in 2023, while working on some of these tributes, who are also relatives of mine I'm discovering that I have been ignoring my own ancestry too much.
While searching for pictures in the August Kusel branch, I'm running into the horribly low resolution scans people sent me over the years, and were made by someone at my 2003 Kusel reunion (no relation but friend of one of my relatives), who assured me he was an expert with computers and scanners.
I was hoping to scan pictures myself that relatives brought along with them but I was simply too busy keeping the reunion going.
This expert asked me if he could use my scanner for pictures he was interested in, so I asked him if he would scan other pictures that people brought.
Not until after the reunion and looking at the scans he made did I find out he knew very nothing about proper scanning.
But I guess the scans he made are better than nothing because I'm sure those pictures have long since been thrown away or I'll never get access to again because they are with relatives as far away as California and Oregon.

So when you scroll down to August Kusel you'll see some of those very low resolution scans.

Harold & June (Jensen) Ruhde

June Ruhde by the Manning Creamery 1945 - from the Gerald & Joyce (Jensen) Schroeder collection

June's mother was Dessa Dell (Kusel) Jensen, so I'll go into some of the Kusel ancestry that connects to June's family.

Friedrich George Christian Kusel & Catharina Maria Dorothea (Meinecke) Kusel
Steve's maternal great-great-grandparents

This is what I mean when I describe low - actually very low resolution.
Many people make this mistake when they scan their pix.

Nellie (Concannon) & August Kusel - August is one of Friedrich & Catharina's sons
Steve's maternal great-grandparents

August Kusel & his twin sister, Ida (Kusel) Grube

August Kusel - scan sent to me in 1998

Another problem - some people don't know how to scan ONLY the picture - they end up scaninng the whole scanner glass.

August & Nellie Kusel family picture taken 3 days after August died on January 14, 1922
Another common problem - either the picture is not identified or they didn't ID who is who in the photo.

At least the names of the people in the picture and the 3 who were not present were written down.

Now this is a high resolution scan that was e-mailed to me. I did reduce the size down for web page viewing.
But you can see the difference between resolutions of this picture made by different people.

Guesses except for Nellie & Della: Back: 1st two John or Herman or Lou, Della, August, Jr., Vernon, 6th John, Herman, Lou
Front: Ellen, Nellie (Concannon), Ida

Dessa is Steve's maternal grandmother

Twins: Dessa (seated) & Della Kusel - they married Jensen brothers.
I haven't had time to repair the big scratch.
Another problem is poor care of the old pictures by families.

August Kusel, Jr. son of August & Nellie

William Karsten, August Kusel, Jr., Minnie Karsten, ?? - August & Minnie wedding

August Kusel, Jr., WWI

Dessa (seated) & Della Kusel

Children of August Kusel
From the Carol Dahl collection who is in the Christian Kusel, Jr. family tree.

writing on back

John, maybe Mary, Dessa, August, Jr.

2003 Kusel at the Amos & Dorothy Kusel farm just north of Manning.

Ruth (Hammer) Jensen, June (Jensen) Ruhde - Dessa Kusel tree

Janelle, Bob Leach, Betty (Kusel) & Doyle Fowler - Vernon Kusel tree

Fowler family

Back: Richard, Ava
Middle: Larry Kusel, Cari, Rickie
Front: Billie, Sharon, Erma - August Kusel, Jr. tree

Bill & Tess Kusel - August Kusel, Jr. tree

Ramsey branch - Dessa Kusel tree

1. Brendan (Kerry's}, 2. Orren Ramsey - married Fern Jensen, 3. Kyle Lynn Rutherford, 4. Becky Macke, 5. Kerry Rutherford, 6. Kyle Leon Rutherford (Kyle's), 7. Nicki Rutherford (Kyle's), 8. Luke Rutherford (Kerry's), 9. Kay Rutherford, 10. Dreva Rutherford, 11. Oliver Rutherford ( Kerry's), 12. Bridget Rutherford ( Kerry's )

Ellen (Herker) Kusel - Garland's wife, Ruth (Kusel) Jensen

Ellen (Kusel) Witt, Elaine (Kusel) Cain - John Kusel tree

Gathering and catered meal in the Kusel barn

Gathering and catered meal in the Kusel barn

Gathering and catered meal in the Kusel barn

Whole Kusel group

Parking along the lane

Parking along the lane

Tom Schroeder & Harold Schmidt (both deceased)
GREAT friends & neighbors of the Kusels, who helpd shuttle reunion attendees to the place.