These pictures were e-mailed to me from Joan Lagerloaf in 2003

William and Johanna (Claussen) Ruhde, Sr.
Steve's paternal great-grandparents

William & Johann's children

Peter, Bertha, Emma, Rose, Johanna - William, Jr. Steve's grandfather was not born yet

Peter & Wiebke (Thomsen) Claussen
Steve's maternal great-grandparents

2003 e-mail from Joan
Joan Lagerlof - dead address

Dear answer to your questions:
1.Based on the cemetery information William & Johanna had at least a son who is William Ruhde Jr.

"I am assuming that Hulda is William Ruhde Jr.'s wife based on the fact she and William Ruhde Jr. are buried on the west side of the Ruhde stone and William & Johann are buried on the east side.
I was hoping you could confirm that Hulda is the wife of William Ruhde Jr. and is why I did not list her as wife because that is not indicated on the cemetery records but did I listed her as buried in the Manning cemetery.
Hulda Ruhde 1896 - 1965
William Ruhde Jr. 1896 - 1929
2. "It would be nice to get pictures of these Clausens and families if you have them.
Also any other details you run across.
I did not find Peter Clausen Jr. listed in the Manning cemetery "
Attached is the only picture I have of Peter Claussen and Wiebke Thomsen Claussen.
Hope you can use it for your records.
Peter Dethlef Claussen was born on the 30th of November 1849 in Luson?? Schleswig Holstein. Here he received his religious education in the Christian faith. In 1880 the deceased immigrated to America locating in Vail, Crawford County. One year later on the 5th of July he was united in marriage to Mrs. Ann Schmidt who a few years ago preceded him in death. After his marriage he soon moved to Manning. The deceased was one of the founders and organizers of the local Friedens?? congregation, and for some time acted as secretary for the congregation. As a member and an officer of our church he always endeavored to enlarge the congregation by gaining new members. By his departure from Manning we loose a faithful church member. On the 21st day of September in 1910 his wife died after much and painful suffering. Her death induced him to remove to Weston, Iowa and remain with his daughter and son-in-law, Mr & Mrs Fiala. On the 27th of March 1911 the deceased was called back to Manning by the death of his mother who died at the age of 92 years. Those that mourn his death are the following, one daughter, Mrs Clara Fiala, four sisters, Mrs Ruhde of Manning, Mrs Schulz of Stanton, Mrs Struve and Mrs Langheim of Davenport, Iowa. The following stepchildren, Mr Charlie and John Schmidt of Manning, Frank Schmidt of Washington, Mrs Mathilda Arp of Sioux City and Mrs William Behrends of Egan, S Dak. For some time the deceased was more or less ailing from dropsy. Two months he was confined to his bed. The last two weeks he spend in the Mercy hospital in Council Bluffs where he died on Saturday afternoon December 22nd at 2 o'clock. His age was 43 years 22 days. Burial took place at Manning. Rev Frueschte preaching the funeral after which kind hands took the body to the Manning cemetery where it was laid to rest. Peter Jr. is buried with his wife and they are in the Schmidt plot which is not close to his parents BUT it is close to his sister and her family (Johanna & William Ruhde andWilliam Jr. and Hulda Ruhde. THe other Claussens in your cemetery do not appear to be related to MY Claussens. Peter Jr. was the only boy in his family and had no sons. Maybe Peter Sr. had a male sibling or relative that might have come at some point but not to my knowledge. (The name Claussen apparently changed from the German Clasen between 1854-1866 (Peter Clasen -birth and married name) (Peter Claussen on ship records)

I thank you again for the information you sent. Hopefully my information has been of some help to you and your Manning genealogy project.