1981 Manning Centennial book

Edward & Permela (Wilfong) Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kerr Johnson celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary November 28, 1941.

He was born January 13, 1851, at Adena, Ohio, and she was born March 9, 1856, at Milledgeville, Illinois. Both came to Iowa in covered wagons.

They were married November 28, 1878, at the Barnes ranch in Crawford County. This was an unusual wedding since it was performed at the groom's home. Miss Permela Wilfong, a tiny lady of 21 years, scarcely five feet tall, drove to the ranch were Ed was foreman so the couple could be married. Ed was unable to leave home because the evening before, when Ed was returning home from seeing Permela, his horse threw him and he sustained some broken ribs.

They lived on the ranch for some time and then moved into Manning in 1889. Ed worked at the Manning Elevator and in later years was the custodian at the Manning hospital under Doctor Orren W. Wyatt. They built their new home on 3rd Street in 1908 and lived there the rest of their lives.

Ed was a fireman and very proud to be one. He was the fire marshal for 46 years. His most prized possession was the 50-year pin they presented him, at which time he was also the oldest fireman in Iowa and had only missed the firemen's banquets the last two years. He was also a member of Manual Lodge #450 A.F. & A.M.

They had two daughters, Bessie, Mrs. Charles Ramsey, and Zada Johnson. They had 12 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.

They always held their family Thanksgiving dinners in their home since it was also the day of their wedding anniversary.

Open house was held January 13, 1941, for E.K. Johnson (oldest Fireman in Iowa) on his 90th birthday.
He was honored by the Manning Fire Department, relatives, and friends.

1 Lester Wyatt, 2 Merlin Wyatt, 3 Ted Rix, 4 Matt Wegner, 5 Mayburn C. Ramsey, 6 Clyde "Dutch" Meisel, 7 Bill Bauer, 8 Orlo Schelldorf, 9 Emil Kuhl, 10 Everett Dau, 11 Reynold Hoffmann, 12 Lawrence J. "Si" Nickum, 13 Andy Jensen, 14 Emil Jensen, 15 Harry Rostermundt, 16 Henry Grelck, 17 Miles Dau
Front: Chris Schmidt, Edward K. Johnson, Bob Zerwas, Paul Grimm

So many of these people look familiar but just can't put names to them - I know I have pictures of many of them that are identified but don't have time to find them to compare...
There would be a lot of children living of these people - if they would only help me more with IDs.

Back: ??, William F. Ohde, ??, ??, ??, Francis McMahon
Middle: ??, Anna (Hagedorn) Karstens, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??
Front: ??, ??, Eddie Johnson, ??

Charlie and Bess (Johnson) Ramsey children

Men: Jake, Mayburn, Jack, Ed and Orren
Women: Juanita (Hugo) Boeck, Edna (Orla) Peters, Bernice (Chuck) Laverty, Thelma (Arlo) Hodne, Mary Ramsey

This picture was scanned by someone who inherited many Manning family pictures.
He sent me what was written on the back of the picture and I'm fairly sure I have the correct names below the picture.
Mr. Johnson, Zulu Johnson, Charles Ramsey, Bess Ramsey, Mrs. Johnson

Edward Johnson, Zada Johnson, Charles Ramsey, Bess (Johnson) Ramsey, Permela (Wilfong) Johnson

Gene Dales, Manning Mayor in the Halbur Centennial parade
Gene was the son of Kenneth & Minnie (Johnson) Dales

Minnie Johnson message to Alice Lohmeier

Minnie Johnson message to Melvina Kuhl

Back: Elroy Schrum holding Steve, Marcella & Eddie Johnson
Front: Stan Schrum, Barb Johnson, Sharon Schrum, Sandy Johnson