In 2008, I worked with Jean (Stuhr) Singsank on her family history and down below are some of the pictures I scanned from her collection.
There are very few Manninites from Jean's era still living today which makes it unbelievably difficult for me to find more old family collections, because most of them have been thrown away, plus very few people today can ID the old pix that have not been thrown away, or tell me anything about them.

From the 1981 Manning Centennial book


Theodore and Emma (Rothgaard) Stuhr

Henry Stuhr Sr., born in Loersdorf, Holstein, Germany, in 1833 and his wife, Lena Clearson, born in Germany immigrated to America with ten children in 1880. They settled in Philadelphia and lived there one year, then came to the Botna area. Three more children were born in the U.S. Their children were: Molly, Theodore, Dora, Minnie, Louise, Lena, Charles, Tillie, Henry, William, John, Eva, and Chris. Mr. Stuhr was a railroad worker.

Theodore Stuhr, one of their older sons, was born in Loersdorf, Germany, March 15, 1864. From Philadelphia he settled at Elwood, Clinton County. He married Emma Rothgaard on August 5, 1887. She was born in Oldesloe, Holstein, Germany in 1865 and worked for a doctor near Elwood. In 1889 they moved to Manning. They had four sons, Albert, Edward, Emil, and John. They farmed near Manning.

Son Edward married Gertrude Bartels, in 1913. Ed farmed near Manning and now resides in town. They had three daughters, Eileen (Mrs. Edward Hinz), Esther (Mrs. Lyle Anthony), and Jean (Mrs. Earl Singsank).

Jean's two daughters, Gay (Mrs. Ron Vogl) and Dawn (Mrs. Tom Irlbeck) each have two children. Tammy and Jason Vogl and Lisa and Scot Irlbeck are the sixth generation of the Henry Stuhr Sr. family.

Ed Stuhr's horses, King & Daisy in a Manning parade

Theodore Stuhr with granddaughter Jean Stuhr

Back: Albert, Ed, Emil, John
Front: Gertrude (Bartels), Ted Stuhr

L to R: Otto Junger, Henry Bartels, Jr., Fred Maasen, Roy Kelly, Ed Stuhr, Grover Bartels

Theodore "Ted" Stuhr - taken on south side of Third Street

Albert, Ed, Emil, John

Bartels cousins
1 Eileen (Stuhr) Hinz, 2 Dorothy (Bartels) Wiedenfeller, 3 Merle (Bartels) Jackson, 4 Ladeen (Maasen) McClellan, 5 Mary Ann (Kelly) Sweeney, 6 Don Maasen, 7 Esther (Stuhr) Anthony, 8 Duane Bartels, 9 Warren Bartels, 10 Ed Bartels
Ed, Merle, and Dorothy are children of Henry Bartels, Jr.

Back: Henry Stoelk, Dora Stoelk, Ted Stuhr
Emma Stuhr in front

I'm going to have Jean Singsank work on the IDs for this picture.
Taken August 7, 1932, on Ted & Emma's wedding anniversary
Stoelk & Stuhr reunion at the Great Western Park

1940 Ewoldt No. 2 country school

Jean Stuhr had perfect attendance for 4 years straight through 8th grade.
Never tardy or late and lived 1 1/2 miles from the school.

Wilhelmine "Mina" (Ebrecht) and Henry Bartels, Sr.

Gertrude & Alma Bartels

Warren with his wife Mary Ellen during the 1981 Manning Centennial