From the 1981 Manning Centennial book


Back: Edna Kaspersen, Luella Gruhn, Edward Hinz, Eldora Hofvander
Front: Walter Hinz, Jurgen Hinz, Anna (Peters) Hinz, Florence Genzen

Jurgen Hinz, born in Holzbunge, Germany in 1881, and Anna Magdalene Peters of Kropp, Schleswig Holstein, Germany and born in 1878, came to America together in 1902. They came by boat and the trip took six weeks. They were married here and settled on a farm northeast of Manning, the Dr. Williams farm. They lived there until 1943, when they moved to their home in Manning. Jurgen died in 1953 at 73 years and Anna in 1969 at the age of 92.

Their children were Luella, Walter, Edward, Edna, Eldora, Florence and Robert, who died at the age of two.

Luella married Max Gruhn. They farmed before moving to town. Their children are Carol Ann (Mrs. Charles Segebart) and Gary. Grandchildren are Terry and Becky Segebart and Ryan and Randy Gruhn.

Walter married Geneva Cutler of Boone. Geneva died in 1931. They had a daughter Rosemary Heuton (1932)1966; her children are Steven and Michael. In 1937 Walter married Mary Maxwell. Their children are Mary Elizabeth Reiss, John and David. Grandchildren are Brian and David Reiss. Walter worked for Preibes for 25 years and I.D.S. for 18 years.

Edward had the Hinz Construction Co. He married Eileen Stuhr. Their children were Dale, Robert, Jerolyn Vanderhoff, Donna Leiker and Diana Monti. Grandchildren are Andrew Hinz, Mark, Michael and Eddie.

Edna married Kermit Kasperson. They farmed, then owned a grocery store and a motel. They had two children Beverly (1932)1943) and Billy (1934-1943).

Eldora, married to Carl Hofvander, is a loan financier at Uptown Federal in Chicago. They have a son Charles married Liz Such.

Florence married Virgil Genzen. They are farmers and 4-H workers. Their children are Larry and Darlene (Mrs. Dale Vollstedt). Grand children are Janet, Paula, Robert, Barbara and Judith Genzen and Keith, Karen, Kathy and Kent Vollstedt.

Jurgen and Anna brought their German traditions and standards to America with them and lovingly taught them to their children and grandchildren. Their home was "Gemutlich" and full of song and was always open to anyone who had a need.

Edward Hinz 1954 Manning Fire Department