In 2009, David Friedrichsen, neighbor and good friend of the Grimm family sent me these pictures to scan.

Harry Friedrichsen farm - 3 miles east of Manning and 1 mile south of 141.
Today this is a Stoberl family - there is a power substation on the northwest part of this farm next to the intersection.

David Friedrichsen's Kindergarten report card

1957 Ewoldt No. 7

Back: Jean Lamp, Sandra Mathiesen, Don Mathiesen, Gary King, Mahlon Lamp, Harriet Friedrichsen, Curt Grimm, Sharon Greer, could be a Mathiesen girl or Vickie or Cindy Musfeldt
Front: Bruce Grimm, Kayleen Greer, Vickie Greer, ??, Kenneth King, Dean Greer, Dennis Rohe, Dave Rohe, Lydia Hugeback

Back: Dean Grimm, Ron Brus, Marilyn Brus, Gordell Lamp, Rollin Joens, Evelyn Antone
Front: Leo Joens, Harriet Friedrichsen, Mahlon Lamp, Sharon Greer, Curtis Grimm

Top: Harriet Friedrichsen 4th, Dennis Greer Primary, Marilyn Brus 6th
Third: Gordell Lamp 6th, Mrs. Evelyn Antone, Dean Grimm 6th
Second: Luana Jean Lamp 1st, Mahlon Lamp 5th, Sharon Greer 2nd
Bottom: Dennis Rohe Primary, Curtis Grimm 2nd, Kenneth King Primary

Ruth Soll - Ewoldt No. 7 teacher

Harriet Friedrichsen 11th birthday party October 1956

Friedrich Friedrichsen, Henry Friedrichsen in back
Harriet Friedrichsen holding Connie Grimm
Curtis Grimm and Dave Friedrichsen

At the Friedrichsen farm

Back: Dean Grimm, Harriet Friedrichsen, Curt Grimm, Al Grimm
Front: Connie Grimm, Bruce Grimm, David Friedrichsen

Children's Day 1958 - Harriet holding David Friedrichsen's (age 5) hand
Little girl with ruffled dress is Connie Grimm

Message sent to Dave Kusel 2009
Just for a joke, the next time you see Curtis tell him he still owes me for pulling up the corn I had growing on the dirt mound over the storm cellar.

Here's the story behind it:
When I was a kid I played with my tractors and Tonka trucks on the dirt mound over the storm cellar behind the farmhouse. Trying to be a little farmer like my dad I had planted a row of corn and it had come up about 3 inches. Ila (Curtis' mom) came over to visit my mom so Curtis and I went out to the mound where I showed him the corn I was so proud of. After we played for little while I needed to use the bathroom so I went back to the house.

When I came out Curtis had pulled up all my corn. I was really mad at him so I ran inside to tell his mom. After Ila heard what Curtis had done she went outside to find him. She grabbed Curtis by the arm and pulled him all the way down the walkway to their car. He was holding back and screaming all the way. Obviously something was coming that Curtis wanted no part of, I'm not sure what happened when they got home that day but Curtis probably does.
Dave Friedrichsen