I scanned these pictures from an old Puck family scrapbook in 2006.
Most were identified and one family picture had few IDs but I'm sure it is a part of the Puck family history.

1 William & Margaretha (Joens) Puck
2 Edward & Helen (Moeckl) Puck
3 Garry Puck
4 Brenda (Puck) Olberding
5 Abby Olberding

Puck ancestral farm where Ben & Kathy (Willenborg) Puck have lived since 1996

Margaretha (Joens) Puck - Abby's maternal great-great-grandmother

Back: Albert, Adolph, Harry
Middle: Henry Ewoldt, Peter, George, Bill, Edward
Front: Albert Ewoldt

This might be a wedding party - Gus Moeckl is identified as the man, 2nd from the left in the back row.
Rachel (Hindman) Moeckl is identified as the woman, 2nd from the left in the front row.

Gus & Rachel were the parents of Helen, who married Edward Puck, parents of Garry, grandparents of Brenda.

Back: Ida Joens, Tina Joens
Front: Margaretha (Joens) Puck

William & Margaretha Puck family

Back: Albert, William, George, Peter, Minnie, Maggie
Front: Ella, Alvina, Adolph “Ott,” Grandpa William, Edward, Grandma Margaretha
(Joens), Harry, Laura, Freda

William is brother to Eggert
Lyden Studio picture

1 Albert married Rose Schmidt - parents of Alice Puck Stevens
Rose is a sister to Chris Schmidt

2 William (Bill) married Velma Koepke - no children

3 George never married

4 Peter never married - farmed with William

5 Minnie married Henry Claussen from Atlantic area

6 Maggie never married

7 Ella never married

8 Alvina married Henry Ewoldt - 5 children (Ralph, Arla, Edna, etc)

9 Adolph married Elsie Musfeldt

10 Edward married Helen Moeckl - parents of Ben Puck, Garry Puck, etc.

11 Harry never married

12 Laura died in infancy from Influenza

13 Freda married Ralph Berkheimer