A brief overview of the Vinke & Lake family.
Thomas Lake

Father George Lake
Mother Callie (Loman) Lake
One of the children of George & Callie Lake with a Manning connection
Eustace Lake - Manning Cemetery
Eustace's wife Pauline (Ress)

Thomas Lake's wife Freda C. Vinke
Father of Freda John J. Vinke - Manning Cemetery
Mother Auguste Christina Schroeder - Manning Cemetery

Auguste's parents
Heinrich & Anna (Schröder) Schroeder

In mid-August 2022, a descendant of Thomas & Freda (Vinke) Lake brought me an album from 1899 to scan, that came from John & Auguste (Schroeder) Vinke, residents of early Manning.

30, 40, and 50 years ago I saw lots of old albums like this with various families in Manning.
Now they are gone, either thrown away, or divided up and spread out to the "four winds."
An amazing thing is that all of the photos were identified by Auguste's daughter, Freda...most of these old albums had few if any IDs, so when I scanned them all I knew was the family they came from but no or very few specific names.

My reason for showing these pictures, is not the usual one which is to get help with IDs, but in this case, help to make Manning connections for the various people in the pictures.
Some of them have the same first/last names of other Manning people from that era, so I need to figure out which specific branch they belong to.

Please e-mail me if you can help...

e-mail Dave Kusel

Freda (Vinke) Lake, (Vinke) Hagedorn, Henrietta Laura Dorothea (Vinke) Schaben

Front cover of the album


I'm fortunate that we have my great-grandparents album from this era.