I just love these old farm pictures...they give us a look back in time to see what life was like before it became so easy, with very little physical labor for the vast majority of people today - at least the kind of work the WWI & WWII generations and before had...

Threshing bee

Orlo Nissen hauling manure

Farmall M with cultivator on the Nissen farm 2 miles straight north of Manning.

Alfred Nissen cross-cultivating check-row planted corn

Orlo Nissen picking corn by hand - a palm hook was used.
This photo was taken by Lyden Studio.

Alfred Nissen with a six-horse team used to plow
Note the fly netting that would flop around as the horse moved to shoo away flies.

Alfred Nissen

Alfred Nissen with his wagon used to haul with, pick corn with, drive to town for supplies, etc.

Alfred Nissen

Melvin & Orlo (front)