1966 Sgt. Barry Sadler "Ballad Of The Green Beret"
"America" Imagine Dragons
"Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" Andrews Sisters 1941
Brooks & Dunn "Only In America" 2001
Elvis Presley "America The Beautiful"
"God Bless America" Kate Smith 1938
James Cagney "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy" 1942
Lee Greenwood "God Bless the USA" 1984
James Cagney "You're a Grand Old Flag" 1942
"When Johnny Comes Marching Home" Dolly Parton

Fourth of July Monitor articles

90 years ago - ??, Lavern Boyens, Wayne Ranniger July 4, 1932
Scan I made from Wayne's collection in 2007 - one year before he passed away

It's easy to take Liberty for granted
when you have never had to fight for it defending your country!"

Love of country and pride in our nation -
It is all in how you were brought up...

July 4 historical tribute - Manning Style!

Love of country and pride in our nation -
It is shown individually, through our organizations, by our businesses, and community...

Giant flag flown by Gene & Sherrie Steffes

Ramsey Market supports the Boy Scout flag project

City crew places the US flags on Main Street

Ranniger family supports the Boy Scout flag project

Former home of Lyle & Dorothy (Sutherland) Arp
Dorothy - granddaughter of Civil War Veteran Donald W. Sutherland

Helen Wiese supports the Boy Scout flag project

304 Ann - historic home of Civil War Veteran James Hall - one of 80 who lived in the Manning area

Circa 1909

Some historical perspective to this and two other adjacent homes in this block.

Letter sent to John Ohde sometime in the 1980s
Dear Owners of 304 Ann Street:
My grandfather & grandmother, James L. & Emeline Hall, built the house in the 1890s.
I was going thru Manning on May 2nd, and stopped at the cemetery first to visit the Hall graves then drove by the house and also stopped hoping to get a "glimpse" inside --- no one home.
The front porch replacement, looks beautiful as does the outside of the home ---- really a nice feeling, knowing that someone cares about the place.
Tho't perhaps you might like a print of one of the older scenes, showing their 2nd lot and the old barn on it.
The prints were very yellowed so the copies were filtered blue and printed on color paper.
Also their daughter Azubah (Hall) Pollock, owned and built the 2nd home next to yours (310 Ann) and my parents, Frank & Ida (Hall) Kemp owned the 3rd house (316 Ann) on the same block. I think this one partly burned and it was completely rebuilt. The 2nd one over looks just the same as it did years ago.
My grandmother died in 1933 and her daughter Azubah lived in the house until her death in 1938. The last time I was in the place was possibly April 1938. It was rented a year or so and finally sold to Mrs. Navin then I lost track.
Remembering from my childhood visits there one of the "wonders" was the "water-fall" toilet in the basement. The water was in a big container above the stool and you pulled the chain and you heard a "water-fall". It was fun!
My sister Helen Schrank and I hope to decorate the graves this summer sometime and possibly could we stop and just have a glimpse in the home?
Keep the prints.
Most sincerely, Jim Kemp

Jim signed his name as Kemp, but I'm wondering if maybe his family dropped the "f" as Kempf is the spelling for the Manning families of the past.

James & Emeline Hall wedding


Left to Right: Henry Pollock, Azubah (Hall) Pollock, Hattie (Hall) Martin, Fay Polluck, Frank Kemp, Ida (Hall) Kemp, Emeline Hall, James Hall

July 4, 2022 - similar view as above and below

Frank & Ida (Hall) Kemp

310 Ann Street - former home of Azubah (Hall) Pollock

316 Ann Street - former home of Frank & Ida (Hall) Kemp