George & Eddie served the Manning community for over 50 years.
Besides working hard all of their lives, they also entertained the community for over 50 years with their musical talents.
George was over 75 years old when he retired but continued for a number of more years playing the clarinet in various bands/groups.

When I hear people complain today about their jobs and most of them have never served their community in a volunteer capacity - they need to read about the Fischer brothers and other folks from this generation who served the community and weren't leeches on society like way too many people are today.

George Fischer 50 years with Manning Motor

Eddie & George sell Manning Motor 1990

Ralph Grundmeier & George Fischer
perform at the Corn Palace

George & Eddie Fischer

George Fischer 1927

"Peter Kuhl and his 7 Aces - there are 9 of them"

Standing: Bobby Messick, George Gordon
Seated: Eddie Fischer, Russ Wallace, Pete Kuhl, Earl Roberts, Louie Subbert, Leo Daeges, Don McNutt

1981 Manning Centennial celebration at Five Mile house.
King & Queen crowing and dance
Reenacting the Pete Kuhl band
Bill Ranniger on drums in back

Peter Kuhl dance band 1957 - Ralph Grundmeier, Bonita Hagedorn, Gary Schroeder, Pete Kuhl, George Fischer

Pete Kuhl's swing band 1952

George Fischer, Pete Kuhl, Ed Callon, Bonita (Kuhl) Hagedorn

Jolly Home Brewers - George Fischer 5th from left in front row