Georg Heinrich Frederich "Fred" & Wilhelmina (Duwe) Fischer

1910 Henry & Anna Fischer with baby George - 1906 Ford

Henry & Anna (Jansen) Fischer at their farm home

December 9, 1908 Henry & Anna Fischer wedding

May 1920 tornado damage - on back is written Henry Fischer

Anna & Henry Fischer - unknown lady on right

Henry Fischer & Louie Dammann July 23, 1922

Lived on same block with Henry & Anna Fischer - IDs would be great to get

Bruce Fischer MHS 1963

Florine & Dennis Fischer

Eddie, Lucy, George Fischer

Elmer & Lucy (Fischer) Schelldorf

Henry & Anna Fischer 1934

Anna & Otto Fischer

Back: George, Lucy Schelldorf, Eddie
Front: Henry and Anna (Jansen) Fischer

Lucy & Elmer Fischer with son Art

Hilda Fischer & Minnie Lamp in front

Fischer Rumley Oil Pull tractor - moving Lincoln No. 2 country school

Lincoln No. 3 original school house
This school house (original Lincoln No. 3 school building) was moved to the farm presently owned by Tim & Joni (Siepker) Kienast who lives in section 5 of Lincoln Township. This building was replaced by a newer country school which was built on the same site - Lincoln No. 3.

The 3 tractors pulling the old school house. They got the school house stuck in the road "V" cut and had to dig out the sides of the road embankment so the schoolhouse could get through. When they arrived at the Dammann farm, the school house was to be positioned at the top of a hill. Large hay ropes were hooked to the front of the Oil Pull tractor which was still hooked to the school house. The ropes ran through a series of pulleys which were attached to a group of trees at the top of the hill and the 2 smaller tractors pulled on the ropes going "downhill" to assist the larger tractor going up the hill.

The front tractor was Herman Fischer on his Samson tractor, the second was August Fischer driving his Titan, and the third tractor is a Rumley Oil Pull with my grandpa (Henry Fischer) standing and George Fischer sitting. Don't know who the gentleman is standing by the corner of the school house

Moving Lincoln No. 3

George & Eddie Fischer pouring water for the threshing crew 1921