I need help with IDs for this picture - please e-mail me if you have information/names for this Vinke family...

Henry & Caroline "Lena" (Sperling) Vinke family

Back: Dorothea, ??, ??, ??
Front: Annie, ??, Caroline (Sperling), Henry holding ??, ??

Not sure about Annie as the name of this girl in the front row...

HENRY 1847-1923 LENA 1853-1927
Gus, 1874-1932
John, 1876-1952
Henry Jr. 1878-1907
Dora, 1880-1956 Edward Grimm
Detlef, 1882-1963
Laura, Charles Welch
Emilie 1886-1934 Detlef Martens
Julia, Charley Thiedemann
Julius 1890-1918 (died in France in 1918)

Dorothea married Edward Grimm
Annie married Henry Ewoldt