1952 Piano & vocal recital by Groteluschen & Porter

Dorothy (Jensen) Groteluschen 3rd from left - Viola class

Written on back "Compliments of the chauffer"
Simpson College, approximately 1930 Dorothy (Jensen) Groteluschen is the last woman on the right.

Dorothy Groteluschen on left

Astrid "Audy" Jensen older sister of Dorothy Groteluschen

Bertel Jensen - husband of Astrid

1957 graduation program

Defense - possibly at Denison

Boys State certificate 1956 Jon Kingdon Groteluschen


Confirmation March 29, 1953

May 23, 1953

Back: Darlene Genzen, Betty Peters, Roger Koepke, Roger Barten, Shannon Mahnke, Darlys Vollstedt
Middle: Bev Genzen, Errol Wegner, Joyce Nulle, John Ansorge, Virginia Backhaus, Roger Hagedorn, Mardella Friedrichsen
Front: Donald Keat, Warren Puck, Diane Dalgety, Allen Mohr, Elke Bunz, Jon Groteluschen

Herb & Dorothy Groteluschen

Janice & Jon

Letter from Ray Standerwick to Jon - Manning letter head

Jon's medals

Manning Food Market

Jon 1961 in college

Jon's passport picture when he went to Turkey


Track ribbons

Track ribbons

Track ribbons

Report cards

State solo trombone compositions

1958 From Right to Left:
Larry Nielsen and his first wife Millie on the right.
The next couple is Roger Nielsen and his wife Barbara (Knaack).
Next to Roger is Beverly Nielsen's first husband and I can't remember his name.
Then me on the left back row.
The two women on the left front row were Millie's friend from Parsons College.
The wedding was in June, 1961 in Wolcott, Iowa, just after Larry and Millie graduated from Parsons.

Various school programs & recitals