A half mile north of Manning is to be found the homestead of the late Frank H. Long, who was one of the prosperous agriculturists of Warren township. He was born in Owen county, Indiana, on the 25th of March, 1858, and was a son of John and Adeline (Irwin) Long, who were also natives of Owen county. The father in his younger days was a school teacher following which he engaged in agricultural pursuits, spending his entire life in the county of his birth, his demise occurring on his homestead in 1862. Mrs. Long survived until 1876. To Mr. and Mrs. Long were born one son and three daughters, the latter being: Eliza, who is the only surviving member of the family, the wife of John Weatherly, a farmer of Doon, Iowa; and Mrs. Mary Sands and Mrs. Nancy Vanslyke, both of whom are deceased.

Frank H. Long continued to reside in Indiana until he was seventeen years of age at which time he came to Iowa, locating in Marshall county in 1875. His winters were devoted to school teaching, while in the summer he did farm work. He supplemented his early education, which had been acquired in the common schools of Indiana, by pursuing courses in the schools of Spencer, Indiana, and Eldora, Iowa, while he also attended the normal schools of State Center and Marshalltown, Iowa. He was a well educated man and was fully and thoroughly qualified for the work which lie elected to follow for several years. After his marriage he gave up teaching and devoted his entire attention to farming, which vocation he followed in Crawford county for two years. At the expiration of that time. he purchased ninety acres of land in Warren township, where his widow continues to reside.

For his helpmate and companion Mr. Long chose Miss Rossie Arney, a daughter of Solomon and Eliza (Fulk) Arney, both of whom were born in Owen county, Indiana, The father when a lad of eleven years came to Iowa with his parents, who located on a farm in Marshall county in 1849. In later life this property came into the possession of Mr. Arney, who engaged in its cultivation until his demise on the 2nd of February, 1893. Mrs. Arney came to Iowa with her sister when a young woman of sixteen years, and here she met and subsequently married Mr. Arney. She passed away on their homestead on the 19th of September, 1884. To them were born three sons and two daughters, as follows: Carey, who married Jennie Miller, now living on the old home place in Marshall county; John, a farmer in Howard county, Iowa, who married Roena Price; Rossie, now the widow of Frank H. Long; Emma, who married Edwin Crouse, a farmer of Marshall county; and Perry, an implement dealer in Marshalltown, who has been married twice, his first wife being Cora Crouse, who died, and his second Cora Dill.

To Mr. and Mrs. Long there were born six children: Tura, the wife of William Schelldorf. a druggist of Manning, who has one child, Orlo; Olive, the wife of the Rev. H. C. Hurd, pastor of the Christian church of Estherville, Iowa, who has two children, Frank and Cuthbert; Corda, who is living at home; Dale, the wife of Robert Halford, a farmer and stockman, of Manning, who has two children, Berkley and Beverley; and Orma and Nola, both of whom are living at home and attending the high school at Manning. Mrs. Long, who is a woman possessed of unusual business sagacity, after the death of her husband took over the entire management of the farm which she is now operating with the assistance of hired help. She is carrying on general farming, every acre of her land being under cultivation, in connection with which she is also raising and feeding stock for the market. She makes a specialty of raising registered Poland China hogs, of which she now has a fine herd.

Mr. Long was a member of the Christian church at Manning, with which his widow and family continue to be identified, and fraternally he was affiliated with the Ancient Order of United Workmen and the Highland Nobles of Manning. He always voted with the democratic party, taking an active and helpful interest in township affairs of a governmental nature, and served for several years as assessor in Warren township. He passed away at the hospital at Carroll, his demise occurring on the 14th of January, 1909 He was a progressive man, intelligent and well informed, with high ideals of civic duty and always readily gave his cooperation toward the advancement of any movement which he felt would promote the intellectual or moral welfare of the community.

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