Mamie Doud Eisenhower, wife of Dwight David Eisenhower President of the United States.

Mamie Geneva Doud was born in Boone, Iowa, on November 14, 1896, the daughter of John Sheldon and Elivera Mathilda Carlson Doud.
When Mamie was nine months old, in August 1897, the family moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
At age six, she moved with her family to Pueblo, Colorado, and then to Colorado Springs.
They lived in each of these places only a short time, and in 1905 moved to Denver. The house at 750 Lafayette remained in the family until after the death of Mamie's mother in 1960.

Taken from the Boone Express paper

Mamie Geneva Doud was born November 14, 1896 at 718 Carroll Street in Boone. After her parents left, the house was owned by many families. At one time, there were three apartments in the home. Later, it was the Sunday School building for the First Baptist Church, who had purchased the house in 1962. Nothing was done to signify that the house was the First Ladies' Birthplace until 1964 when the DeShon Chapter of Daughters of The American Revolution of Boone placed a plaque in front of the home.

A Birthplace Restoration Committee was formed after Mamie received the coveted Iowa Award in 1970. The First Baptist Church, needing to expand, deeded the home to a group who ultimately became the Boone Committee for the Preservation of Historical Landmarks, Inc. This group was formed as a nonprofit organization to crude for the home's preservation.

The need to find a new location for the Birthplace was the neat major task. After receiving three different offers of privately owned lots, one owned by Warren J. Kruck was chosen The site was at 709 Carroll Street, almost directly across the street from it's original site. After an apartment house located there was razed, the home was moved in 1975.

Restoration research was done by architect, William Wagner, who also researched Terrace Hill in Des Moines. His help and help from others enabled restoration of rooms, doorways, windows, porches, and the summer kitchen.

After five years of careful restoration the Birthplace of Mamie Doud Eisenhower was dedicated on June 22,1980, by Bob Hope, Governor Robert Ray, and members of Mamie's family.

Outside the Birthplace is an ornate wrought iron fence, donated by the people of Story City. The sidewalks are-made of square brick made in the Boone area. The landscaping is also the 1890's era.

Inside the birthplace has been furnished to the 1890's period. The PARLOR has matching chairs that were Mamie's and were presented to family Bible are from the home or Mamie's maternal grandparents,

The GUEST ROOM has a three-piece oak bedroom set In the HALLWAY, two pictures of the Carlson's are found, and a portrait of Mamie's grandparents and other children.

A beautiful oil lamp graces the DINING ROOM. It is a family heirloom, brought from Sweden by Mamie's grandparents is 1068. Also, from the Carlson home are the dining room table and chairs, the side board, the oak chest of drawers, and the platform rocker. The lovely Ansonia Clock on top of the china cabinet was a wedding gift to Mamie's parents. The DINING ROOM has a hard coal base burner stove (nickel plated) which was typical of what would have been used at that time for heating the house.

The MASTER BEDROOM has the original bedroom furniture, on loan from the Colorado Historical Society in Denver, including the bed in which Mamie was born. The matching pictures on the walls were wedding, gifts to the Douds. The rose and black lace dress belonged to Elivera, Mamie's mother, and was worn by Mamie.

The KITCHEN contains an oak ice box, an oak table with tan chairs, a wall telephone, a hand pump, and a wood burning cook stove. Off the kitchen is the PANTRY. It provides valuable storage place for Mason canning jars, crocks, utensils, and food staples. A unique oak step-chair is found in the pantry.

Downstairs at the Birthplace, the MUSEUM AND LIBRARY are located. The MUSEUM exhibits include the chronology of Mamie Doud Eisenhower's life and personal memorabilia Mamie's baptismal certificate, baby shoe, original wedding announcement, and two formal. Gowns worn by Marine.

The LIBRARY offers reference books about Mamie and Dwight D. Eisenhower, their families, and local history. There is a collection of photographs, newspapers, letters, magazines, and documents about the Eisenhowers. In addition, there are the personal scrapbook's of Joel Carlson, Mamie's uncle:

Other displays include commemorative plates, Eisenhower Campaign material, prints taken from paintings done by Ike and various memorabilia which is changed from time to time.

Behind the Birthplace is the SUMMER KITCHEN and BARN.

The summer kitchen was used in warm weather for cooking, canning, preserving food, and as a laundry room. Items located in the S UMMER KITCHEN include a copper clade boiler, an old gas stove, laundry, tubs, wash boards, wire carpet beaters, and crocks.

The Barn was erected in the spring of 1982. It is home for a 1949 Chrysler Windsor, given to Joel Carlson by Ike in the fall of 1948. There is also a 2-seated buggy and tools of the 1890's in the Barn, and a red cutter (a type of sleigh).

Above you see a Doud Mill feed sack ticket

Close ups of the Doud Mill picture