Manning Monitor, November 16, 1900
"The History of Manning," a neatly bound 175 page book, has just been issued from the Manning Herold printing house. Only a limited number of copies—150 in all—have been printed and those of Manning people who wish to procure one had better notify Mr. Kraus at once. The edition furnishes a complete history of the town from its beginning up to the present time, and every person who has lived here for a number of years should own a copy. The book contains a half tone likeness of nearly every prominent business man of the city.

F. L. Robb prepared the manuscript, getting much of his information from the files of the Monitor, and Mr. Kraus done the printing. We are under obligations to Mr. Kraus for a copy of the history, which he left at this office yesterday evening.

Considering the time occupied in gathering the facts and preparing the copy and the expense of printing it is necessary for the publisher to ask $3.00 per copy in order to pay out. The matter contained in the book would surely be interesting reading for the "old timers" and every one should make it a point to procure a copy at once.

Part I

History of Manning as nearly as possible a true record of the early surveys that led up to the present location of the town site; the early contentions of the railroad companies; the incorporation of the town and its municipal history; its political, moral, social and business developments and the business enterprises existing at the present time.


By F. L. ROBB.

Published by BERTHOLD KRAUS.

Berthold Kraus

To Our Friends.

In compiling this history of Manning, we have met with many discouraging problems, and have been compelled to overcome many difficulties; however, we hope and trust should any occur the public will overlook the little imperfections, that may have passed our scrutiny.

Heretofore, many enterprises started under the name of "history" have turned out to be only advertising schemes and were composed principally of business-write-ups", biographies and cuts of those who were willing to pay well for them. This is not our plan. We expect to pay our expenses through the sale of the work, and in order to accomplish this end, we shall endeavor to make it a work of valuable information and record; granting favors to none, and treating subjects only to the extent that may be of interest to the public, and especially, to the coming generation; for the history that treats of the present or recent events may not be of as much interest at the present time as it will in years to come, as history which we help to make, does not appeal to us as such but simply as passing events, however, we shall endeavor to review many interesting accounts of the early history of the town, thus producing a record, that is not only of interest and value at the present time, but will increase in value as the years pass by.

That which will be as valuable in the records as the reading matter, will be the illustrations which will be distributed throughout the work. These will consist of maps, Pictures of the town in 1882, a view of Main street in 1887, a view of Main street at the present time, the fire ruins of 1895, a number of views of the town at the present time, from elevated positions, also, our most prominent buildings, such as the school house and School, and numerous other cuts that space will not permit mentioning.

We hope that the public will not permit themselves to be disappointed in not finding this to be a free will offering but will if they appreciate our efforts exhibit their appreciation by giving us a reason ably large subscription, for we trust that all will realize the expense that has already accrued in doing the public a service. What ever you will do for us in this line, will be thankfully received and productive of much encouragement to us.

Very Respectfully,
F. L. Robb.
Berthold Kraus.

Manning, Iowa, May, 1898.