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Name: Kris Peper
I want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into your page. The wealth of information you share has been helpful to me in learning about part of my paternal roots. It is a "bucket list" item for me to one day visit the area where some of my ancestors lived.
Thank you again!
Kris Peper - - 3X great-granddaughter of Johann Friedrich & Catharina (Groth) Jahn
Posted: Thursday - Jun 3, 2021
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Name: Karen Hansen
Location: Walnut, Iowa
Thanks for the nice obituary for Ferdinand Moershell. We are researching his business in Walnut for the museum here as Chicago General Store of Moershell Bros. was here.
Posted: Tuesday - Apr 13, 2021
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Name: Quinton Henley Manning
Location: Alberton, Johannesburg, South Africa
Hello David.
My father is Russell Ellard Manning & his father was Tomas Henley Manning. My grandfather Tomas served in WWII in the North African Corp. Fix airplane engines. But before that nothing. I know that we came over to South Africa to mine the Gold.
Ruth Vernon Manning was born 21 August 1888, married and changed her name to Ruth Manning-Saunders and died in October 1986 in Cornwall, Wales. Do you have any information regarding any Mannings in the towns history to suggest if any residents left Manning to move to Ireland, Wales or South Africa?
Thank you for your time?
Quinton Henley Manning
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Posted: Wednesday - Apr 7, 2021
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Name: Denny Rohe
Location: Terrell TX

Greetings from Texas. Does Manning still plan on having the all class reunion during Memorial Day weekend. If so many non residents will need to plan for that weekend.

Denny Rohe
Reply: Hi Denny,

Here is some basic information.

Dave Kusel
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Posted: Wednesday - Mar 10, 2021
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Name: Glenda C Baker and Clarence W Baker
Location: United States
Dave, I found some pictures (snapshots) in my "collection" that you should have as there are Kusels.
I think my great grandma Dorthea Wunderlich Struve had a sister who was married to a Kusel at one time.
I am not sure but I think he passed away and then she married a Bartels. I really would like for you to have them as I do not have the entire family history. There are pictures of some of them living in California and were taken by my aunt Fern Struve Jensen (before she married) when she drove my grandparents to CA for a visit. I think they were cousins of my Grandpa George Struve (Dorothea's middle son).

Glenda, I keep trying to contact you with your e-mail address and I don't get a response...I've been trying to contact you for a couple of months - please check your spam box.
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Posted: Saturday - Feb 6, 2021
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Name: Martha Rief [Joens]
Location: Council Bluffs, IA
I'm glad you keep up on your website. My parents and Grandparents are from the Manning area. I have fond memories of visiting my grandparents in Manning. I go to Manning once in a while just to see how the town is . But the town has changed so much since I remember, kinda lost it's small town charm that I remember. But keep up the good work.

Martha Rief [Joens]
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Posted: Sunday - Jan 24, 2021
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Name: Glenda C Baker and Clarence W Baker
Location: United States
Dave, I was looking at your website today. I want to correct the identification of a photo you posted as Earnest, Clarence, Elanor Kinney==Chris, Emma (Ross). I know this is not correct.
This is a family photo of my grandma Dora Gruhn Struve's brother and his family. This is the Will and Alma Gruhn family, who lived on the edge of Manning. Alma was a Jansen. Their children, in the rear l to r was,
Lester, Art and Leona. Lester and Alma were killed in an car accident in the late 1950's or early 1960s.Art and Leona each married late in life and neither had any children.

Posted: Thursday - Jan 14, 2021
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Name: Jean Stadtlander
Location: United States
Thanks for your dedication and efforts to share Manning History.
Grateful and thankful for all you do!

Posted: Monday - Jan 4, 2021
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Name: David Kusel
Location: Manning
Well, it was 25 years ago when I posted my first information on my web page.
Guestbooks are basically a thing of the past anymore but I still have one just to let people know what was out there on the first Internet web pages.
Take some time to read the 10 and 20 years ago guestbooks linked on the left side of my main web page.
You'll see some posts by people who have passed away and other messages from around the world.
Remember that back then there were a lot less web pages to surf and no social media sites, so more people would take the time to sign my guestbook.
Thanks for visiting my web pages.
David Kusel
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Posted: Friday - Jan 1, 2021

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