Below are parts of the Friedrich George Christian Kusel & Catharina Maria Dorothea Meinecke tree that I have no contact for.

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August Kusel who married Wilhemine Karsten
Dorabell Kusel who married Chris Stuhr
Herman Kusel who married Cecille Hagedorn
Anna Kusel who married William Emmons
Laura Wulf daughter of Matilda
Henry Kusel who married Anna Schelldorf (Emma Kusel)
Lena Kusel who married Richard Martens
Blondina Kusel who married Blair Jarvis
Clara Kusel who married M L Tate & Hugo Jans

1 Friedrich George Christian Kusel (1819 - 1894) Catharina Maria Dorothea Meinecke (1825 - 1875)

2 August (A ?? ) Kusel (5/7/1856 - 1/20/1922) (married: 7/19/1883)
(settled in Oregon 1910)
Nellie Ellen Concannon (1865 - 1938)
3 August "Gus" (C.) Kusel (8/7/1892- 4/11/1925) married: (1920)
Wilhemine Karsten

Twins died at birth
4 ? Kusel
4 ? Kusel

August Kusel Jr Wilhelmina (Karsten) Kusel

August & Wilhelmina are buried in Salem, OR

3 Dorabell Kusel born 1/31/1891
married to Chris Stuhr

Chris, Dorabell & daughter Violet Stuhr

4 Violet Stuhr
4 Wanda Stuhr
4 Meredith Stuhr

I found some more information about Leroy Butterfield and have it listed below - 2023.
5 Leroy Butterfield
Violet Stuhr married Maynard Harrison “Leroy” Butterfield (4/22/1910 - 12/4/1981)
At least one child: 6 David Butterfield

Violet J Stuhr, born 10th June 1912 in Minot, Ward Co., ND; deceased 22nd November 1988 in North Shore, Saint Tammany Co., LO; married with Maynard Harrison Butterfield abt 1929 in Iowa. Her husband was born 22nd April 1910 in IA, and he died 04th December 1981 in Palo Alto, San Mateo Co., CA. The 1930 Iowa census for Mason City: Dora B Kusel as the head of household at 704 So. Delaware St. Residing with her were as follows:
Alice M. daughter aged 13 - Alice Mae (Stuhr) McGinley
Meredith J., daughter aged 8
Wanda C., daughter aged 7 - Wanda Christine Stuhr
Maynard Butterfield, son-in-law, aged 20 - Maynard Harrison Butterfield
Violet J. daughter, aged 18 - Violet June Stuhr

The girls last know address is Las Vegas

2nd marriage of Dorabell: ?     - (Unknown first name) Roberts ??

Information from Jens Frank of Germany - January 2008
Chris Stuhr's first marriage February 17, 1898, in Audubon County. His first wife was Sophia Nulle, she died February 7, 1911, in Ward County, ND and she was buried in the Manning Cemetery.
Census 1905 Christ Stuhr, Lincoln, Audubon Co., IA. -- Sophie Stuhr, Amanda Stuhr b. 1900/01, Mabel Stuhr b. 1903/04
Census 1910 -- Chris Stuke, Harrison, Ward Co., ND, Sopia Stuke, Amadas Stuke, Mabel Stuke (This is the way they were spelled in the Census!)

Chris Stuhr remarried abt 1911/12. His second wife was Dora Belle Kusel.
Census 1920 - Chris Stuhr, Minot Ward 5, Ward Co., ND, Dora Stuhr, Violet Stuhr, Alice Stuhr

3 Herman Kusel (4/14/1887 (married:
Cecille Hagedorn

Hagedorns from Manning Cecille & Rose were sisters
2nd wife of Herman
Rose Hagedorn

Children of Cecille & Herman
4 Vera Jeanie Kusel married:
? Moss
5 Lee Moss (married:
6 Philip Moss
The last know address of Philip is in Stanwood, Wa

5 Jean Moss not married: buried in Florida

4 Rena Kusel (married:
? Austin
5 Sidney Austin
Last known address of Sidney is Salem, OR

2 Christian Heinrich Johann Kusel (10/14/1848- 5/1/1929)
Wilhelmina "Minnie" Wohlert (7/20/1852-9/30/1920)

Louise Fredericka Wohlert in Christian's OB

3 Anna Kusel (10/25/1891-4/30/1971) (married: /1908)
1st marriage:
William Emmons

4 Lillian Emmons (married)
Henry Marken

Henry Marken Lillian Emmons

3 Matilda Kusel (6/16/1883- 5/9/1963) ( married: 10/7/1900)
Nicholas Henry Wulf (7/21/1874 - 8/27/1920)

4 Christian Wulf

4 Edna Peters

4 Laura Wulf

Laura Wulf
Graduated White Lake High School (5/28/1920)
Birth records in Crofton, NE

2 Wilhelm Kusel (6/24/1850-11/12/1917) (married:3/1/1873)
Sophia Anna Grube (9/9/1852-10/19/1935)

3 Henry Christopher Kusel (12/9/1873-3/17/1946) (married: 2/22/1898)
1st marriage to Anna Schelldorf (born January 1872 in Germany)

William Schelldorf was Anna's brother who lived in Earling, Ia

4 Emma Kusel (born 8/14/1900 in Washington twp. Carroll county Iowa)
Last known address for Emma Kusel -- according to Florence Kusel is (Bell, California) Emma visited Clarence & Florence Kusel when she was a young adult.

2nd marriage of Henry
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Fastenow (10/18/1874-7/17/1938) (married:7/16/1902)

4 William Kusel (1903 - 1909)
4 Mabel Elizabeth Kusel (9/2/1906)
4 Walter Julias Kusel (7/11/1909)
4 Ervin John Kusel (11/28/1910)
4 Clarence Edward Kusel (1/6/1913)

3 Lena Kusel (12/7/1877-9/14/1902) (married:1/10/1900)
Richard Martens
no children ?

3 Blondina Kusel (11/ /1889- ) Blair Jarvis
Last known address - Long Beach, CA

Clara Tate, Blondina Jarvis & Ida Zender

3 Clara Kusel (2/ ? /1887-5/26/1972)
1st marriage Martin Luther Tate (1898 - 1954)
2nd marriage Hugo Jans
Clara moved to California
Last known address - Long Beach, CA

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