David Kusel's 2011 guestbook

David Kusel's 2011 guestbook

Wonderful site. I was searching for Albert and Mary Elizabeth Hull Schoening. I was hoping to find their obituaries. My connection is through Mary. I know that she was born Mar 1894 in Hastings, Iowa. They had one daughter that I know of. Edna L. Schoening, born about 1918, Iowa. I do not have alot. Am hoping to find a descendant.
Mary was the daughter of William Henry Hull, born 1858 MO. I do not know yet when he died. Her mother was Frances Rachel Fewson, born 1868 Canada or England. They had ten children that I know of. Also interested in their daughter Olive Hull, born 1893 Union Co., Iowa.
Thank you for all your hard work. Pat

Added: March 17, 2011

Hi Dave, long time no see. There is a 12 year old boy at Neola Iowa with terminal cancer and his wish is for a million get well cards. You can send them to Max Low, Box 111, Neola Iowa 51559.

Hope the family is doing well.

Ed Winkle

Added: March 12, 2011

I like your website and every time I see a fireman I will be sure to tell them thanks. Have a nice day

Added: March 2, 2011

Hello David,

Greetings from South Florida. Hope you're headed for an early spring there in western Iowa. I understand it has been an extra cold and snowy winter. Then it will on to spring planting.

I was just checkin your Web site for "news." My brother Tom Ehrichs (grandson of Henry Ehrichs is coming to visit for a week (arrives this evening). As you know he farms near Flandreau, SD. We're looking forward to seeing him, and it give him a chance to thaw out from the Dakota winter.

Hope your mom Dorothy is getting along well. Please give her my best and keep me updated. I enjoyed my opportunites to talk with her as I worked on Ehrichs genealogy.

Still doing some Ehrichs research, but lately been working more on other branches of my families. Seems it's a lifetime project!

Best regards to you and your family, -- Gordon

Added: March 1, 2011

I am the grandaughter of William Lee Spall (d. 1984), who was the son of Lee and Viola Spall. I am just starting to look into my ancestry and just happened to find your page. I don't know alot about my family history, so I was happy to find this! Thank you!

Added: February 5, 2011

Thank You for this wonderful website.
I am building my family tree on Geni.com
I have found so much valuable information
here. Keep adding to it and keep up the
GOOD WORK! Thank You!

Added: January 29, 2011

Dave, seeing those score sheets brought back memories. I kept the home book at the scorer's table for the 1958-1959 season. I probably learned more math in that one experience than in a couple years of arithmetic. The minute the first half horn sounded, both coaches were right on top of the table wanting the stats. It was add fast or get growled at.
One of the perks of that job was a "press pass" which allowed me to make toll scammer phone calls to the Carroll paper, Des Moines Register, and the Omaha World Herald as well as a couple of the TV stations to call in the score after the game.
I appreciate your site a lot.
Jay Musfeldt

Added: January 21, 2011

Hi David, it's been a long time. Checked out GenForum for new news, but the last posting was in 2001. Have you found any connection to my Denison Kusels, yet? I had my mtDNA done and I'm H1. Is your group doing any DNA testing? Hope to hear from you.
All the best,

Added: December 18, 2011

Hi! Thank you so much for this web site. I have spent several happy hours going through all the pages. I especially enjoyed the obituaries and church records. I can't imagine how much time and money you have saved me while doing research on my husband's David and Borkowski lines. My husband especially liked the video of the Trinity Church being moved to Manning. Again, thank you! (We are sending a check to the Church fund tomorrow). Janice

Added: November 14, 2011

Hi, Dave,

I'm sure the other man with Ray Pratt in last week's Monitor is Rev. Carl Sinning. I know he lived in Manning in 1961 (he officiated at my wedding) and lived there for quite a while, but I don't know the specific years.

Thanks again for all your work and time spent on Manning's history. Errol and I always look forward to reading your page in the Monitor.

Karen R. Snyder

Added: November 9, 2011

I was doing a search for the Snow's system of garment cutting, when I came across your site. My grandma was from Denison, and I have her dress cutting system and books. It was interesting to see that there was a school in Manning, so maybe she went there (it would have been around 1918 according to the copyright on her instruction book and she was a young woman about that time). If there is a historical society that would be interested, I'd like to donate those things. Thanks.

Added: September 25, 2011

Great pictures from RAGBRAI! Looks like a great time! Love the picture above the corn maze.

Added: August 5, 2011

Dave, I was recently in Manning over the 4th of July weekend. Was thrilled to see how far Manning is ahead of some of the small towns that I passed through coming from Sioux City. I also had a long talk with Leroy & Freda out at the Hausbarn. The city should be proud.

Hello David. I am thankful for all the obits you have for the Borkowski's. I am wondering if your family of Kusel's are related my husband's family of Borkowski's (Henry Friedrichsen - Rosa Kusel)?

What a website! Makes me want to start looking for my own relatives.

Added: May 1, 2011

What a great piece on the Boy Scouts. I was a Boy Scout leader for a number of years and cannot begin to express what a wonderful organization this is. It teaches so many values and gives these boys opportunities they may not have received elsewhere. Thank you so much for recognizing these young men & boys and the outstanding service they do.

Added: April 27, 2011

I'm a scout mom and volunteer and would like to thank you for your website and the patriotic tribute! This was GREAT to see and read! Keep up the good work!