Manning Ag Days

Old Technology still works !!!!!

In the "70s" Manning had a summer celebration called Ag Day and we usually held old time farming events during those days. Here is an old pull type binder that was used on an oats field on our farm.

Here Billy Wanninger is placing the bundles to dry. Above the field is finished and the Oat Shocks will stand about a week to dry.

About a week later during Ag Day the Oat shocks were threshed and then the straw was baled.

Here is Barry's F20 running the Baler.

One man feeds the baler in front.
2 men place the divider board and tie the bales in the back.

Fall Harvesting Equiptment

Allis Chalmers

John Deere collection

IH & McCormick Deering collection

IH Combines

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