Barry Kusel gave a slide presentation and Peter Obée translates

17 German farmers came on the tour

Cropping systems, diseases, pesticides and erosion were discussed

Discussing bean insects such as bean leaf beetle and the bean mottle virus

Roundup and bio-technology was discussed

Peter translating

Soil stucture and nightcrawlers were hot topics

The Germans found it very interesting that the Nightcrawlers we have in our fields were brought over from Europe by our ancestors

June 13, 2001 visit

We said we like the soil to have a "cottage cheese" structure but Peter couldn't translate so another German said "Chocolate Cake" structure

Our JD 9500 with G*

Puck Implement JD 4700 sprayer on display

Puck Implement JD 1535 drill & JD 8410 tractor on display

Quick tour of our grain handling facilities

nearing the end of the tour

group photo

right side

left side

2 Vans for transportation

Auf Wiedersehen

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