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This was a first for me documenting an FFA convention - it was interesting and challenging and having to quickly adapt to situations with my camera and audio recorders and in laying out this feature for a webpage.
I recorded the audio in the Auditorium, Library, and Gymnasium to go along with the pictures I took, so it took time editing the 350 pictures and working in the audio.

Overall this was a VERY IMPRESSIVE event to document!!!
The endless hours it must have taken Ben Booth to get all of the volunteers lined up and take care of all the preparations to hold a district event here at the high school in Manning was above and beyond the call of duty for a school teacher.
Then all of the wonderful volunteers, both student and adult, who without their participation - the event would have been impossible.

Then all of the amazing FFA students who practiced and took the time to prepare for this day they had to speak in front of judges and in public forums - they need to be COMMENDED!

And finally to the FFA organizations that require the students to learn how to work with people, treat people, and to be able to communicate directly with people and NOT through a smart phone, will provide them skills beyond their current understanding as they venture out into the "real world" of competition.

So many troubled youth in our country today could have avoided many of their bad situations, if ONLY they had joined FFA!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture any actual judging situations in the rooms. The main reason was to prevent what the questions were from getting to the following candidates and so they would not be able to hear the presentations of the group/individual before them - which would give an advantage to those who followed.

This was a lot of fun and also a learning experience for me to work with and record so many amazing students.
Dave Kusel

SW Iowa District FFA Convention in Manning March 4, 2023


Judges, Chairperson (FFA Advisors), Student helpers

Student volunteers

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