I know most people won't go through all of the information in the District Convention feature or the Manning FFA history but I want to make sure this article is highlighted...

October 1, 1953 Spotlite - Manning Monitor
It is not the sound of a man's name that makes him an American, nor the accent of his speech, nor the color of his skin. What makes a man an American is his loyalty to certain ideals and principles in which he believes. To be an American means to believe in fair play. Our most popular sports are those in which evenly matched teams play by fixed and fair rules. We do not like crooked players. There is no American, with any spirit in him, who wants anything but a fair chance for himself and for the other person, too.
To be an American means to believe in work. The typical American expects to work for a living and expects everyone else to do this also. He believes in honest work for honest regard.
To be an American means to believe in peace. We are not a nation that unjustly attacks others for our own advantage.
To be an American means to believe in God and religion - not some particular kind but the religion of our own choosing. In our life the place and dignity of our religion is taken for granted. Americans believe in religious liberty, which means not only freedom to differ, but also freedom to agree.
To be an American means to believe in democratic forms of government. In America every man has a right to his own opinion and judgment. We want to be better American citizens and better human beings. We have an abiding faith in democracy.
Diane Rix.
FFA Holding Its Annual Scrap Drive
The Manning chapter is holding its annual scrap iron drive this week with all members participating. Special efforts will be made by the freshmen because if they bring in 1000 or more pounds of iron they are excused from some of the Greenhand initiation activities.
Last spring the Pfister and Carlson corn people gave members free samples of corn to plant with the understanding the chapter would take part in the corn shows this fall. Members are busy selecting their samples to enter in the corn contests and have high hopes of bringing home some of the prizes and ribbons.
Bill Richards, chapter reporter.