January 21, 2002 W.E.L.L. meeting in the school Ag room

Larissa Rupnow, FFA/Ag instructor - light green sweater

March 25, 2002 W.E.L.L. meeting in the school library

April 9, 2002 W.E.L.L. meeting in the school library

March 16, 2002 at the Kusel farm.

March 16 outline

Tom Gach welcomes everyone

Cistern discussed

Septic tank and drainage discussed

This house septic tank and drainage system was installed in 1985.
The tile lines can be located since the soil has settled in those trenches.

Mapping the farm yard where the water lines, hydrants, water sources, and septic tank are located.
How rain water and snow melt drains around hog houses and cattle yards.

Larry Genzen

Larissa Rupnow works with her Ag/FFA students

This well is still in use.
It is recommended that abandoned wells be sealed and filled up with soil.

Because this well is near a waterway and in the floodplain, we put a 3 feet berm around the well in 1974.
Because of the record flood levels in 1993, we raised the berm to 4 - 5 feet.

Getting a sample of the water from the house.

Back: Larry Genzen (I.K.M. FFA instructor), Dennis Tibben, Brett Willenborg, Bart Hinners, Chad Rohe, Jessica Kienast, Tom Gach
Middle: Jamie Ridgely (Agren of Carroll), Melanie Stoberl, (upper left of Melanie is) Kristina Muhlbauer, (left of Melanie is) Melissa Halbur, Derrick Janssen, Katie Rohe, Ryan Rohe, Brian Behrens, Scott Eickman, Danielle Hargens, Mrs. Tom (Nancy) Gach
Front: Larissa Rupnow (MHS FFA instructor), Joe Barsby, Rusty Rohe, Ben Lorenzen, Elliott Barsby