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This article just below was included in the 1950s articles linked above.
I e-mailed one of the students who participated in that event and is still living.
Below the article is his e-mail to me.

October 15, 1953
FFA Sends Six To National Meet

Six boys, comprising officers and seniors from the Manning FFA chapter, are attending the national convention in Kansas City, Missouri, this week.
Accompanied by their instructor, Norman Vandehaar, the members are Lowell Stribe, Larry Jahn, Larry Kasperbauer, Bill Richards, Robert Phillips, and John Petersen.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower heads the list of distinguished speakers expected to participate in the 25th anniversary national convention of the Future Farmers of America. He will address the final convention session, on Thursday night.
Registration for the convention is expected to total 10,000 or more Futures Farmers from all sections of the United States, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Yes I do remember Mr. Vandehaar, our Ag. teacher driving us to K.C. in his car. It was the longest ride I had ever had. That in itself was a real experience.
I recall the gathering was in a very large and I believe round arena. I also remember that there was a very special and important speaker but I donít remember him as the President. I do recall he made us feel special and that agriculture was the foundation of everything.
Later during our senior year Mr. Vandehaar was able to have me awarded a Sears Roebuck Scholarship to assist me financially during my freshman year at Iowa State. My major for the BS was in Ag. Ed. I went on and received aMS in School Admin and then the Ph.D. in Rural Sociology, Statistics and Higher Ed.
I also recall during our following Junior Year in high school Duane Monson and I were honored to have been chosen to attend Boys State in Des Moines. Other than a couple of trips with my dad to Omaha to sell lambs, I donít recall ever going much beyond Carroll other than for basketball and football games.
And, now, it has been about 56 years that we have resided in Guam 7-8,000 miles to your West.
With best regards to you and all in Manning.

Larry Kasperbauer

The reason why I don't have any articles from the 1960s & 1970s is the used Microfilm reader/printer I purchased in 2006 for a couple thousand dollars worked into the 1950s but then the printer failed.
I realized that microfilm was not the way of the future so I didn't want to spend any more money on this machine but eventually purchase a large commercial scanner to digitize the pages of the Monitor papers.

This microfilm process was to thread up the various years of microfilm, then scroll through them, zoom in on an article, hit print.
Then I had to scan that print, open it in my OCR program to convert the image to editable text, paste it into Microsoft Word, then proof read it and print it.
Then give the proof read copy to my mother who then proof read it again.
She gave me the corrections which I had to update on the Microsoft Word file.