2002 FFA convention

Chris Willenborg, Bart Hinners, Elliott Barsby, Nate Brandt, Kristina Muhlbauer

2002 FFA banquet seniors

Back: Ryan Rohe, Grant Christensen, David Tibben, Chad Rohe
Front: Larissa Rupnow, Joe Barsby, Melissa Halbur

May 2002 FFA banquet

Back: Derrick Janssen, Katie Rohe, Brian Behrens, Elliott Barsby
Middle: Ben Lorenzen, Nate Brandt, Christopher Willenborg, Shane Warner
Front: Jessica Kienast, Danielle Hargens

March 1999 FFA Banquet - Joe Barsby received the Start Green Hand award

Back: Grant Christensen, Nick Kerkhoff, Ryan Rohe, Nate Hugeback, Mike Behrens, Tim Rosener, Brandon Patrick?, Joe Barsby Front: Chad Rohe, Kevin Lampman, David Tibben

May 2001 FFA banquet

Melissa Halbur, Michelle Vonnahme, Joe Barsby, David Tibben, Brett Willenborg

April 29, 2007 FFA - Livestock Judging team - possibly 6th place

Back: Bruce Behrens, Megan Croghan, Ashley Wulf, Brian Stoberl, Kellie Hodne
Front: Ashley Ranniger, Mrs. Larissa Rupnow, Carrie Eischeid

Bulldog of the Week goes to Mary Eickman, who was crowned FFA Sweetheart last Saturday night. The entire FFA Chapter voted to pick the Sweetheart and Mark Nulle, chapter president, crowned Mary during the ceremonies. Mary, who was escorted by Bruce Bruhn, received a crown and FFA jacket with her name on it. All the candidates received a necklace with the FFA symbol mounted on top of a heart. The other candidates and their escorts were Barb Kalkhoff & Lynn Christiansen, Sherrie Bruhn & Bob Ehlers, Janet Herbers & Kevin Irlmeier, and Nancy Grau & Dan Rohe.
Mary Eickman was crowned "FFA Chapter Sweetheart," at the FFA dance last Saturday night, January 8th. Music was provided by Gunshaw, one of the best bands to ever come to Manning.
Sherrie Bruhn, Janet Herbers, Nancy Grau and Barb Kalkhoff were other candidates for sweetheart. They were picked by the FFA officers and Mr. Ron Weiss, on the basis of their farm background, and their parents' farming operations. Then the entire FFA Chapter voted for their choice for Sweetheart. Each girl received an FFA necklace. Mary also received a white FFA sweetheart jacket with her name on.

Back: Chris Behrens, Jeff Lampman, Cory Ahrendsen, Jon Saunders, Brad Otto, Bruce Wegner
Front: ?Ulrickson?, ?Joelle Handlos?, Sue Gruhn, Tami Larsen, LeAnn Dammann, Jodi Hansen

FFA banquet 1998

Brandon Long, Marcus Borkowski, Amy Ferneding, Mrs. Larissa Rupnow, Janelle Stribe, Tim Hugeback, Beth Muhlbauer

Manning FFA float in homecoming parade October 5, 1956

Joyce Renze & Judy Kuhl (not sure who is who)

Back Row: Coach Bill Campbell, Merlin Musfeldt, Kenneth Keat, Gerhardt Voge, Merlin “Buzz” Hargens, Wayne Kuhse
Front Row: Robert Kuhse, Merlin Welch, Orland Joens, George Opperman, Duane Bartels, Gene Strathman
Gene Strathman died in the service of his country during WWII

Orlo & Melvin Nissen with their FFA hogs

Melvin Nissen with his FFA hogs

August 31, 1939 on the Nissen farm

11 in view - #8 Amos Kusel gap
8 in view Orlo Nissen & Melvin Nissen in front
#5 Roy Struve #8 Robert Kruse gap
5 in view - #1 George Campbell #5 Alvin Musfeldt
Billie Meggers has the above two litters of Hampshire hogs for his project far vocational agriculture. When the boys were studying hogs in class Billie decided that he wanted to raise Hampshires. He borrowed forty dollars from the bank and bought two gilts. He has raised thirteen fine pigs from these two gilts by putting the pigs on clean ground, feeding the sows well when suckling the pigs and feeding a balanced ration.
Orlo and Melvin Nissen have a litter of spots. The pigs were farrowed about the first of March and weigh a little over two hundred pounds now. They have been raised on clean ground on a balanced ration. When the pigs were under fifty pounds the boys fed a pig meal of 50 pounds corn, 25 oats, 10 tankage, 10 soybean, 5 alfalfa meal and 1 and a half pound Moorman minerals. After the pigs reached fifty pounds the boys fed corn and protein.
The boys, Manning High Vocational students, have raised sixteen pigs from the two litters.

1939 first year FFA Ag projects - LeRoy Rowedder - Ivan Opperman in back

1939 first year FFA Ag projects - LeRoy Rowedder

1940 second year FFA Ag projects - LeRoy Rowedder

Gerhardt Voge's 1940 MHS FFA letter