Milestones in our lives - most of these events will NEVER happen again, and some people will never see them during their lives because of when they were born.
Sadly many people won't join in with the celebrations, so they miss out on these very unique and important times in our community.
It is doubtful anyone here today will live to see the 200th anniversary of the Chamber - hopefully Manning and this organization will still be around then.

Here are a few preview images of the Chamber of Commerce 100th celebration, with more linked on the left and I also recorded the audio of the presentation and announcements of the prize winners, and those audio clips along with some video of the band are also linked on the left.

The Kris Karr band was amazing - I've listened to a lot of bands that have performed here in Manning but this group is the most versatile one I've seen.
All bands can play the songs, but this band performed the songs that sounded like the original vocalists.

Thanks for being patient...I needed to finish scanning my latest project of family pictures.
I've gotten behind way too much and a lot of the reason is from presenting the various activities that occur constantly in Manning.
I don't just post unedited pictures en masse without any IDs or information like you see on the social medias...It takes a lot of time to do this properly.
Being the first to show pictures isn't the name of the game!

Excerpts from the Manning Monitor that have Chamber of Commerce listed/credited in the article.
Note: I have Chamber of Commerce highlighted yellow, to easily find why this organization is listed in that article.
Throughout this feature I added pictures to randomly chosen individuals or activities to break of the pages of text.
I was surprised that I was able to find a picture for each random name/activity I chose, but my database is so immense anymore that I can find pictures/information for just about any subject/family.
There is a lot to read but please take the time to do might find the name of a relative or some event you are familiar with.

This feature will also be published in the Manning Monitor over the coming weeks.

Click to read about Chamber activities of the past

Maybe you watch the news and maybe not.
It depends on which news stations you watch or which websites you go to, as to what information (version) you will hear and read about.
Sadly, a lot of news is of violence, crime, general disorder, and disdain for our country.
While Manning isn't perfect and we aren't immune from those ravages of our society today, I'm always impressed and very proud at how we try to conduct our lives in this little town.
Here are two more events, among many during a year's time-frame, that we hope you will attend.

Manning Chamber of Commerce 100th
This is a free event with appetizers and live music plus the bar will be open and we will be showcasing door prizes!
Thank you to all who have donated so far.

Because of the Covid pandemic, the Chamber 100th, which was in 2021, was delayed until now.
Here is a web page I set up in 2021 about the history.

2021 Chamber 100th

I'm working on another historical tribute to the Chamber, which will be linked in a few days.
It will also be featured in the Manning Monitor over the coming weeks.

From the 2006 Manning Quasquicentennial history book

Manning Chamber of Commerce

Denise Doyel, Tiffany Carson, Ron Colling, Becky Vonnahme, Rexanne Struve

The 2005-2006 officers of the Manning Chamber of Commerce include President, Tiffany Carson; Vice-President, Rexanne Struve, DVM; Secretary/Treasurer, Denise Doyel; Becky Vonnahme, Advisory committee member; and past President, Ron Colling.
As of 2005, the Manning Chamber of Commerce has sixty-five members, the newest member being Kasie Sanford of the Upper Cut, who purchased the Main Street business from Jean Stadtlander in January 2005. New members receive the first year's membership free, along with free publicity via a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house. Monthly meetings are held throughout the year on the second Wednesday of the month. While retail business is the primary focus of this group, members realize that an attractive community with exciting events and friendly people are important to drawing people to Manning.
Membership fees and successful fundraising events have enabled the Chamber of Commerce to return more than $18,500 to Manning over the past few years. Sizable donations have been made in support of Kinderfest, the Manning Child Care Center, Manning Heritage Foundation, the Great Western Park, Quasquicentennial 2006, and the City Park playground equipment fund. Chamber bucks are disbursed to support local functions and local business. Additionally, educational presentations are offered to business owners, employees, and the public on a regular basis. Promotional dollars are spent for radio and newspaper advertising, along with printing promotional materials such as the Manning maps. Welcome packets continue to be distributed to people moving into town and Chamber Bucks continue to be sold to promote shopping in Manning.
Over the last few years, the Manning Chamber was able to improve signage for Manning with an attractive sign completed near Highway 141 and Main Street, a Hausbarn sign erected south of Manning and the two welcome signs on the east and west edges of town completely refinished.
Over $6,000 has been invested in attractive new Christmas decorations over the past few years. Lighted Christmas trees and wreaths were purchased for each of the 35 light posts from the east edge of Manning to the west. Annual fund-raisers include the Homecoming brat stand, the Kinderfest food stand, the spring golf outing, and the holiday Extravaganza. The Chamber is responsible for organizing the living windows each year at the kickoff of the Weihnachtsfest celebration.