Kathy (Klocke) Singsank

Kathy Singsank presentation

Back: Rexanne Struve, Dixon Cole, Kirk Huehn, Scott Eickman
Front: Robert Stessman, Kristina Lupardus, Marcy Ehlers, Marsha Clausen

Door prizes

Back: Deborah (Mohr) Ranniger, Robert Stessman, Kevin Boyle, Rexanne Struve, Todd Stadlander, Dixon Cole, Lynn Stein, Kirk Huehn, Scott Eickman, Jaime (Struve) England, Jean (Wiese) Stadtlander
Front: Kathy (Klocke) Singsank, Kristina Lupardus, Marcy Ehlers, Marsha Clausen, Mai Reitan, Sydney Macumber, Susan (Zubrod) Hinners, Lori Stein

Pam Colling is now in the picture - checkered shawl in front.
Her husband, Ron Colling, who passed away February 1, 2022, was on the Chamber for several decades.