I don't have any scans from actual photos of Hugo, Jr., so hopefully a family member will come forward that has them so I can scan them for the Manning Veterans' history book...

Hugo Ress, Jr.

Zita Ress MHS 1952

Lola Ress MHS 1947

Don Horbach & Benjamin Ress April 1952

Vernon & Lola (Ress) Ehlers September 11, 1949

Emil Jimmy Ress July 1919 - not sure who "Jimmy" is

Paul, Carl, Walter Ress August 23, 1922 - not sure who these boys belong to...

Retaining wall between Hugo Ress' home and Terrace Apartments collapses after a heavy rain.

Janice Ress & Dorothy (Moore) Strosahl at the 1981 Manning Centennial Style show.