Eustace & Pauline (Ress) Lake family

Pauline Lake April 1923

Pauline Ress

1203 Main Street address in the 1928 phone book

Lake home October 14, 1924 - looking west down the hill where the hatchery was back right.
A small home to the west was also converted into a hatchery building...Duane Monson provided me with this information.
This home was torn down by Eustace and he built a new one which is where Paul & Norma Bjorkgren lived for many years.
1203 South Main January 5, 2021

Looking down to the southwest toward Walker Apartments (formerly Terrace)

Eustace & Tom Lake November 25, 1923

Robert Lake WWII
Pfc. Lake was killed February 19, 1945, during the Battle of the Bulge in Luxembourg.
He was first buried there; in August, his body was returned for burial in the Manning Cemetery.

Robert & Eustace Lake

Margaret Lake MHS 1942

LeRoy & Margaret (Lake) Hansene
LeRoy - son of John F. & Mary (Lorenzen) Hansen
Margaret - daughter of Eustace and Pauline (Ress) Lake

Eustace "Junior" Lake MHS 1955

Manning Hatchery ad February 27, 1930

Lake Hatchery ad January 31, 1935

Lake Hatchery & Produce ad March 20, 1941

Lake Hatchery & Produce ad February 26, 1942

Lake Produce sign - this area is where the Manning Plaza (Accura) now stands.

Eustace Lake - Zion Lutheran Church