If you look past the north end of Main Street and up past the trestle, you can see the Ress house and farm buildings on the north edge of Manning.
That is Joe Stein facing the camera, standing in front of his Barber Shop which was in the basement level.

Emil, Lucille & Janice were our neighbors just across the road to the south.
This picture shows the "tin can" dumps in the 1960s on the Kusel farm that we provided for the city which was just off the bottom road which is 300th Street today.
You can see the Ress farmplace up the hill to the southwest.

Building the Quonset on the Ida Kusel farm in 1962.

August Mundt, Melvin Kusel, Alan Kusel, Amos Kusel, Bernard Lengemann, Emil "Dusty" Ress

Shelling corn on Mel Kusel's place October 1959

Doug Kusel, Merle Anthony, Amos Kusel, Emil Ress, Alan Kusel, Hugo Ahrendsen, Mel Kusel, Mel Nissen

Mel Kusel harvesting with the Kusel Brothers 101 IH combine with Emil Ress scooping on the wagon pulled by his Massey Harris tractor.