Hill twins, Wilbur & Willus - sons of Ferdinand and Anna (Struve) Hill
Cousins of Ellen (Coleman) Hoffman

Wilbur & Willus Hill being held by their sister, Faily Hill

Else (Joens) Struve, wife of Peter Struve

Merlin Struve along Elm Street

Mildred Ohrt, Lillian Ohrt, Margaret Struve
Just west of Main Street on what is now 141.
Note the hitching rail on the left.

William Struve, Clarence "Klick" Kuhse 1920

William Struve, Mildred Ohrt, Lillian Ohrt, Clarence "Klick" Kuhse
Klick Kuhse married Lillian Ohrt

William Struve, unknown

WWI homecoming
Manning soldiers walking south on Main Street at the Fourth Street intersection looking east.
In the background is the old ice house for the Horseshoe bar.
The top of the water tower can be seen at the top edge of the saloon (now Corner Cafe)

"Backing the Boys" - women/wives backing the WWI soldiers

"Dutchie" came over from Germany and worked for about 10-15 years in the Manning area.
He went back to Germany a wealthy man.

??, Margaret Struve, Herbert Stribe

??, Lucy Nielsen, Elna Groteluschen, Bill Joens
Elna married Bill Joens

Jim McMahon, Margaret Struve
Jim husband of Kate (Joens) and uncle to Margaret

Kate Joens, Bill Joens
Kate was a sister to Mrs. Carsten Struve, Mrs. Jurgen Joens.
Kate was an aunt to Bill Joens, John Joens, Emma (Joens) Musfeldt and Alvin Musfeldt's mother, Emma.

No one identified but interesting "Made in USA" tire ad sign

Faily Hill, Gladys Struve - Children's Day
Gladys was George H. & Bertha (Nulle) Struve's daughter

Emil "Butsy" Struve, George Peters - taken on Elm Street in Manning

Back: Lillian Struve, ??, Nora (Jensen) Musfeldt, ??, ??
Front: Leona (Struve) Nulle, Faily Hill, ??, Gladys Struve, ??
Probably a Sunday afternoon get-together of cousins, aunts and uncles

This is the Willow Creek bridge.
To get east of town you went over this bridge then turned east on Willow Creek road (311th Street where the Hausbarn-Heritage Park is today). You would continue under a canopy of trees over another bridge and came out to where it connected to Highway 44 (now highway 141). Where 141 traverses today past Puck Implement Company and Rix Amoco on east through the bottom was originally a wetland. The ground was too soft and flooded too much and would wash out any road.
The Schoening family lived in a house where Puck Implement located. The house at that time was much lower than the current road. Later on a lot of fill dirt was added to build the current 141 route and also filled in where Puck Implement (now Horizon Equipment in 2021) is located.

Merlin Struve at the farm east of town, son of John J. and Anna (Joens) Struve.
The main house is in the background.
This was the former Jack Lorenzen farm at 13546 Highway 141
Merlin is standing next to the summer kitchen.
Note the mirror: the men used it to clean up for dinner with a water pail and basin and towel. They ate in the summer kitchen.
There was a table, cook stove, chairs, cupboard and dishes.
The purpose of the summer kitchen was to help keep the main house cooler by not using the main house stove except in the fall/winter/spring.
Ellen Coleman remembers her Aunt Ann had a canary named Pete.
Ellen & her sister would spend 2 weeks during the summer on their Uncle John and Aunt Ann Struve's farm.