Michael F. Hoffman enlisted in the Navy October 28, 1965. He took his Basic Training and attended Radio School in San Diego, California.
Then on to New London, Connecticut, in August of 1966 for eight weeks of Submarine School.
His first duty as Radio man was aboard the USS Bluegill with two trips to West Pac. Later, he was assigned to the USS Salmon with one trip to West Pac.
He was discharged October 28, 1969.

Michael Hoffman - first leave after boot camp in San Diego winter 1966
Taken at Marian Long's home

USS Bluegill (SSK-242 and AGSS-242)

post card from Mike to his dad

post card from Mike to his grandparents

Letter to Michael's grandparents, Herbert and Margaret Hinze
Dear Grandma and Grandpa
Have to get my Xmas cards sent before we leave Yokosuka, Japan. We will be at sea for Xmas. Can always remember the good times we always had coming out to the farm for Xmas. If we didn't come out to the farm Xmas Eve it just wasn't Xmas. This will be the fourth Xmas I have been away, and the last I hope. Things are going very well this run. We have just departed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Bound for Yokosuka, Japan.
We should be at sea another 12 or 13 days. Will have to wait until our arrival in Yoko to mail these. The new ship I am on, rides like a cruiser, doesn't hardly bounce an inch, it isn't like the old Bluegill. All we ever did was bob up and down like a cork. By now the farmers should be well on their way with corn harvesting. Another two or three weeks they will all be sitting back waiting for winter to come and go again, so they can get back into the field. By the sound of things in mom's letters, they might be moving to Chicago. Can't say as I blame dad, he has really worked hard and deserves a little easier job. Well can't think of anything more to write. Give everyone my best this year and hope to be home next Xmas.
Sincerely, Mike

PS: Happy birthday Grandpa, hope you get a lot of apricot brandy and chocolate covered cherries for Xmas.