"On the road to home sweet home"
Back right is the Henry Timmerman farm.
"home" was the farm place on Great Western Park - the road came from 141 on the north

Lillian Struve, Margaret Struve, ??

??, Lucy Nielsen, Margaret Struve

Margaret Struve, Alvina Nielsen (cousin from Clinton)

Memory by Ellen Hoffman "The Struve family lived at Great Western Park a number of years. My mother, Margaret Struve, helped clear the natural spring each year so the water would flow into the pond."

Lillian (Struve) Brandt, Emil "Butsy" Struve
Note from Ellen: "Note crutch - Butsy ran a pitch fork through his foot. His mother, Margaret (Joens) Struve, got fresh cow pee and green manure and placed on the injured foot.
The water through the trees in the background would be the Great Western Park"