Randy Mundt MHS 1973

Golda Sander was this class' teacher. There were 3 classes in this grade.

Back: Jane Moore, Beth Volquartsen, Karen Sturm, Nancy Wiese
4th: Jenny Pierson, Donna Sporrer, Mary Blum, Anne Felker
3rd: Randy Mundt, Mike Mohr, John Opperman, James Stangl, Kevin Pfannkuch
2nd: Dave Wurr, Eugene Stoelk, Dale Reinke, Paul Hargens, Terry Saunders
Front: Randy Spieker, Dave Croghan, Rick Lohrmann, Dan Arp, Leon Muhlbauer

Jane Moore was daughter of Pastor Lester and Ruth Moore of the Methodist Church.
There was a fire in the Pierson home and a child apparently died in this accident.
Terry Saunders is a cousin to Randy Saunders
Jane, Jenny, and Terry moved away and did not graduate from MHS

Junior high

Back: Paul Schroeder, Richard Schmidt, Kurt Hass, Craig Zubrod, Kent Misselhorn
Third: Steven Mohr, Bruce Pohlberg, James Stangl, Randy Mundt, Dan Lorenzen
Second: Keith Kerkhoff, David Wurr, hidden, Michael Mohr, Clark Tibben
Front: Tim Weible, Kevin Pfannkuch, John Opperman, Paul Hargens, Eugene Stoelk
Hidden could possibly be Edward Schlichte