old clay block

Why in the world would anyone want to preserve this clay block?
History is all around us, sometimes hidden in plain sight and sometimes right under our feet while everyone goes about their daily business.
I have to be on a constant look-out to make sure when that history pops up in the open to make sure I'm there by constantly bugging people just about everything and anything, because most of the time they won't realize what they have is actually Manning history.

I also try to photograph and document as many renovation and excavation sites as I can because there will usually be a piece of history buried there.
Such is the case of the work on the old Casey's site. I knew the history of that corner as having a business there since the early 1900s which sold gas.
Not until the last day of digging did I happen to come at the right time to see a footing that baffled the excavation crew they ran into while digging, but I knew right away why it was there.
I also noticed a single clay block from that footing so I grabbed it and will mark it with the historical information so people in the future will know it isn't just an old masonry block.