The reason why I have so many Hansen pictures is because several of their relatives and neighbors shared them with me to scan...
I have many more of this and their extended family but these images popped up while searching for Hansen in my database.

Roger Hansen

1956 at the Harold & Bernice (Karstens) Schroeder farm home.
David Schroeder, Jim Hansen, Tom Schroeder, Roger Hansen

Twins: Jim & Joy Hansen

Roger Hansen

Elaine (Schroeder) Hansen at the Bernice (Karstens) Schroeder farm

Bernice (Karstens) Schroeder & Elaine (Schroeder) Hansen - Lyden Studio photo
Not sure where these 2 pictures were taken

Elaine (Schroeder) Hansen - Lyden Studio photo

Jim & Joy Hansen MHS 1963

Jim & Roger Hansen - not sure which farm

Dave Schroeder & Vernon Hansen - Okoboji

Joy, Jim & Roger - not sure which farm

Joy Hansen on left and Betty Swank on right
1962 Homecoming royalty

Roger Hansen MHS 1961

Hansen farm

Hansen home May 1961

Henry J.M. Hansen & Alta (Wiese) Hansen

Henry J.M. Hansen (last soldier on right) somewhere in France during WWI

Alta (Wiese) Hansen 1943 Legion Auxiliary President

Lola Hansen MHS 1943
Sister of Alvan - she later married Alfred Ahrendsen

Vernon Hansen Christmas 1958

Roger, Joy, Jim

Vernon Hansen (arrow)

Joy, Jim & Roger

Elaine Hansen on right - 1981 Manning Centennial float

Vernon Hansen December 1955 - Harold & Bernice Schroeder home

Jim Hansen MHS 1963

Alvan Hansen 1962-63 Legion Commander

Joy Hansen MHS 1963

Elaine Hansen 1964, 1965 & 1971 Legion Auxiliary President

Alvan Hansen & Elaine Schroeder 1941

Jim Hansen MHS 1963

Mary (Morton) Hansen

Granddaughter of Doctor Elmer Morton.
Mary graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School in Des Moines in 1964
Dr. Elmer Ellsworth Morton served as a doctor of medicine in Manning from 1944 through 1952.
A native of Eaton, Ohio, Dr. Morton was educated at Rush Medical School of Chicago and graduated from the University of Iowa Medical School.
He practiced at Vincent, Ayrshire, Des Moines, Anita and Palmer, Iowa before retiring at Palmer in 1940. The doctor shortage during World War II brought him out of retirement and to Manning in 1944.
He practiced in an office above the Mueller Furniture store. He and his wife, Sarah, resided in the home at the corner of 3rd and Sue. Dr. Morton died in Des Moines at the age of 84.
A granddaughter of Dr. Morton, the former Mary Morton of Des Moines, is now married to Roger Hansen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvan H. Hansen of Manning.

Alvan Hansen MHS 1938

Bernice (Karstens) Schroeder, Elaine (Schroeder) Hansen

Roger Hansen

Vernon Hansen MHS 1971

Elaine Schroeder

Henry Hansen

Roger 11, Twins Joy & Jim 9, Vernon 1

Vernon Hansen - college choir

Orren Schroeder, Alvan Hansen, Elaine (Schroeder) Hansen, Lola (Hansen) Ahrendsen

Roger Hansen 4-H August 1958

Joy & Jim 2 years

Roger Hansen confirmation

Possibly Roger Hansen

Alvin Schilling and Elaine Hansen - 1982 Aspinwall Centennial parade

Vernon Hansen, Marty Kerkhoff, Tom Doyel, Alan Grimm, Allen Rohe, Eugene Irlbeck

Alvan Hansen on left - Peter Hansen right playing cards in the Legion Hall 1965

Fern ?, Elaine Hansen, Emma ?

Alvan Hansen MHS 1938

Elain & Alvan Hansen July 1980

Alvan Hansen FFA

Alvan Hansen WWII

Alvan & Elaine 1945

Jay & Betsy Musfeldt, Roger Hansen 1957

Roger Hansen - Iowa State Ames November 1965 graduation and commission

Roger Hansen September 30, 1950

Alta (Wiese) Hansen Legion Auxiliary President 1968

Vernon Hansen

Henry Hansen

Alta & Henry Hansen

Alvan & Elaine

Lola Hansen, Rose Grau