Paul Spieker

Donna Spieker MHS 1969

Carol Spieker MHS 1959

Larry Spieker MHS 1967

Marilyn Spieker MHS 1957

Duane Spieker 1952

1963 Jr High cheerleaders: Kerry Lohrmann, Linda Graner, Dixie Baley, Donna Spieker

Prom 1964: Rose Nepple, Janis Mundt, Karen Spieker, Donna Wegner

1956 Homecoming Royalty

Back: Marilyn Spieker, Darlys Vollstedt, Darlene Genzen, Karen Rix, Pat Irlbeck
Front: Dixie Baley, Anna Belle Vennink, Dick Loucks


Fourth: Stan Spies, Gary Monson, Roger Reinke
Third: Keith Pfannkuch, Dave Peters, Ron Mohr, Allen Nissen, Larry Rix, Vernon Sonksen
Second: Doug Wilcox (teacher), Lorraine Martens, Jay Musfeldt, Carlene Schrum, Cliff Stammer, Sharon Schrum, Larry Vehrs
First: Mary Steffes, Ron Vogl, Carol Spieker, Nancy Loftus, Sam Musfeldt, Susan Rowedder, Larry Rowedder, Linda Warner

Back: Jane Moore, Beth Volquartsen, Karen Sturm, Nancy Wiese
4th: Jenny Pierson, Donna Sporrer, Mary Blum, Anne Felker
3rd: Randy Mundt, Mike Mohr, John Opperman, James Stangl, Kevin Pfannkuch
2nd: Dave Wurr, Eugene Stoelk, Dale Reinke, Paul Hargens, Terry Saunders
Front: Randy Spieker, Dave Croghan, Rick Lohrmann, Dan Arp, Leon Muhlbauer

1961 first team

Back: Gary King, Gene Wycoff - quarterback, Kenard Carstens, LaVern "Butch" Spieker
Front: Tom Bromert, Barry Kusel, Mahlon Lamp, Curt Jansen, Bill Graner, Jim Hansen, Roger Kuhl, Ron Schroeder

Back: Jerry, Marilyn, Larry, Randy, Rosie, Butch, Duane, Carol, Paul
Front: Karen, Norma, Viola, Donna

Lawrence, son of Anton and Regina Spieker, was born June 17, 1909, in Carroll, Iowa. His wife, Viola, daughter of William and Ersa Steininger was born February 4, 1911, in Woonsocket, South Dakota. They were married January 19, 1932, in Carroll. They and their oldest son, Duane, moved to Templeton in August 1933, where Lawrence started working for Charles Dozler. He started farming adjacent to the Templeton church property in 1942. Eleven more children were born while Lawrence and Viola lived in this area.

In 1956, the Spiekers moved to a farm southwest of Manning. Lawrence and Viola farmed until 1975 and then moved into a home in Manning where Viola still lives. Prior to moving from the farm into town Viola got a part-time job at Manning General Hospital. She retired from that job at the age of eighty. Lawrence died on November 19, 1983. They were members of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Manning.

The Spiekers were blessed with a family of six boys and six girls: Duane, Norma, Rosie, Jerry, Marilyn, Carol, Paul, LaVern "Butch," Karen, Larry, Donna, and Randy. The oldest four graduated from high school in Templeton and the rest graduated from Manning. For the first year after moving to the Manning farm the kids attended a rural school one mile from the farm. Marilyn was the first of the family to graduate from Manning High School in 1957.

Duane and his wife Audrey live in Shawnee, Kansas. They have seven children and fifteen grandchildren. Norma Petersen lives in Audubon with her husband Don. They have three daughters, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Rosie, the only Spieker to stay in Manning, married Roger "Blackberry" Vollstedt from Manning. They have six sons and ten grandchildren. Jerry and his wife Sue live in Norwalk, Iowa, and have two sons and three granddaughters. Marilyn Popp married her high school sweetheart Richard, also from Manning. They live in University Park, Florida and have two daughters, a son, and seven grandchildren. Carol Kral lives in Vail, Iowa with her husband Joe. They have two sons, two daughters and three granddaughters. Paul married his high school sweetheart, Barbara Bruck of Manning. They have a son, a daughter and two grandchildren and live in Castle Rock, Colorado. Butch married high school sweetheart Jackie Moore from rural Manning. They live in Renton, Washington and have two sons and five grandchildren. Karen married Leroy Wegner and lives in Warrensburg, Missouri. They have three daughters and two granddaughters. Larry and his wife Becky live in Moorhead, Minnesota. They have one son. Donna married Larry Mohr, her high school sweetheart. They live in Mesa, Arizona and have three sons and two grandsons. Randy and his wife Melinda live in Tualatin, Oregon and have two daughters.