Patricia Knobbe

Marie Antoinette Knobbe MHS 1957
I assume this is "Kay" Knobbe

September 15, 1955 Spotlite
Meet A New Student

Hey!! Hey you there walking down the hall. I'd like to introduce you to MHS. MHS I'd like you to meet a "Sweet Sixteen Miss," Kay Knobbe.
Kay, a blond, brown-eyed junior last year attended Kuemper High at Carroll, where she was a member of the Teen Age Drivers' club and also played a violin in the senior orchestra.
Kay is this year taking the business course, which includes American History, biology, shorthand, and typing, which she names as her favorite.
Let me give you a few tips on how to be Kay's friend. If you drive a red convertible you're automatically a hit. Her favorite sport is basketball. So, after a game, when the crowd is enjoying themselves at the restaurant why not just treat her to a crisp fried chicken and a chocolate malt or if there's a Juke box handy why not play her favorite song "Don't Stay Away Too Long" by Eddie Fischer.
By all means don't any of you girls wear high heels with socks. Some of Kay's pastimes and hobbies are reading, collecting pictures, watching TV, and playing the accordion. Kay, we hope you like M.H.S. and we all welcome you.