Larry Hansen, Joe Horbach, Mildred Horbach, Jack Borkowski
I can remember: In 1961 a farmer who was having problems with his milking machine came to town to get some help from Joe Horbach who was working at the Gamble Store. It so happens that this was the Manning Business “Crazy Days” event where business owners would dress up in silly costumes. On this particular Crazy Day Joe was wearing a dress. Since it was an urgent matter, Joe went out to the farm in the dress he was wearing to see if he could fix the milking machine for the farmer. As Joe was entering the barn the wife of the farmer was looking through the window in their farmhouse. She was baffled as to why a woman was walking into their barn. So she ran out to the barn and was completely surprised to find Joe in his Crazy Day dress.
Mildred Horbach: