Lowell Stammer

Lowell was inducted into the U.S. Army in November 1966. He took his basic training at Fort Bliss, Texas and advanced Infantry Training at Fort Polk, Louisiana. He served in Vietnam from April 1967 to April 1968 with the 1st Calvary Division (Airmobile) Company C, 2nd Battalion, 5th Calvary. SP4 Stammer received the Combat Infantry badge and Air Medal. He was discharged November 1968 and lives with his wife Connie in Carroll, Iowa.

Lola Stammer MHS 1971

Lola & Doug Rowedder

Iowa No. 8 - Page 123 of the Manning Schools history book

Iowa No. 8

1 Allen Ehlers, 2 Jerry Hargens, 3 ??, 4 ??, 5 Annette Ehlers, 6 ??, 7 Eleanor Ehlers, 8 Lila Hargens, 9 Larry Ehlers, 10 Gene Ehlers, 11 Lyle Ahrenholtz, 12 Lowell Stammer, 13 Arden Hargens, 14 ??, 15 ??, 16 ??, 17 Elaine Ehlers

Halloween party: Gary Rowedder, Lowell Stammer, Kenneth Hass, Eleanor Ehlers, Lila Hargens

Top: Evelyn Grundmeier, Jerry Hargens, Annette Ehlers, Arden Hargens, Eleanor Ehlers, Allen Ehlers, Joyce Handlos
Second: Larry Ehlers, Kay Hass, Kathryn Hass, Lowell Stammer
First: Lila Hargens, Keith Hass, Darlene Kruse, Lyle Ahrenholtz, Jeanette Fabian, Kenny Hass, Elaine Ehlers
Bottom: Gene Ehlers, Elaine Ahrenholtz, Hazel Jurgensen, Kenny Ahrenholz, Donna Wegner, Alice Jurgensen, Harold Jurgensen

June 3, 1954 School Picnic At Iowa No. 8 Ends Year's Work (By Ruby Jahn)
School Picnic - The annual community picnic of the Iowa No. 8 district was held at the schoolhouse Sunday noon, May 23. Present were the teacher, Florence Outhouse and her husband, Leslie; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ehlers, Annette, Allan, and Charles; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ehlers, Eleanor, Elaine, Gene and Larry; Emil Ehlers, Mr. and Mrs. Louie Hargens, Jerry, Lila, Arden, Marion and Marlene; Darlene Kruse, Eleanor Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Fabian, Marlene and Janet; Mrs. George Wegner, Janice, Cathy and Donna; Mrs. Pete Jurgensen, Hazel, Gerald and Harold; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Handlos, Joyce and Janet, and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Stammer, Lowell and Lola.